• 2022

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    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Keith Kirkland

Kevin Yoo

Designed In:

United States of America

WAYBAND® is a haptic navigation app and optional smartband that navigates a person to a destination using vibrations, without the need for visual or audio feedback. Our goal is to help people get out of their phones and back into the world with all the information needed.

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  • 77% of smartphone owners use navigation apps regularly. But we believe there are problems with visual-based navigation, it’s inherently not safe for anyone as it keeps your eyes on your phone and most times not practical. And for almost 300 million people living with visual impairment, it’s simply not possible to use. Wayband gives legally blind people the chance to navigate the cities and for non-blind people, it gives a tool to feel safer and more independent. Wayband helps lots of young blind professionals get inserted into the professional world giving them back some of their independence.

  • We have developed a smartband and app which have implemented our patented virtual corridor. When you are facing the right direction you feel nothing. Once you deviate off the path, it begins to vibrate gently and gets gradually stronger the further you deviate, always pointing you on the right path. In this way, you have your hands free while being able to orient yourself in space and walk towards the desired destination.

  • With the Wayband not only are we giving blind people back their independence and reinserting the disabled into society, but we are also giving everyone a tool to feel safer and more independent while walking in the streets. For disabled people, having more freedom and feeling more confident in the streets, allow them to have a better life quality, have more independence, and be able to have fewer expenses. For non-disabled people, having the Wayband allows them to walk hand-free and be able to look at the way or the view instead of looking down at their phones.

  • The Wayband also has a feature of locating every point in the map by 3 words, everyone can locate another person with just those 3 words. This feature is essential for large crowds events and especially for families and friends. It also simplifies the process of typing an address. The Wayband can also have the haptics personalized. User can adjust the intensity of the vibrations, the duration, and many more features to custom the experience and make it compatible to their needs.