Waterscape by Superior

  • 2015

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Alexander Lotersztain, Derlot

Commissioned By:

John Hogan, Superior Jetties

Designed In:


Waterscape by Superior is a floating platform system – pontoons, marinas & associated furniture – which provides the market with the only significant change in form in this arena for decades. No longer is the only option a utilitarian ‘floating box’ to which to moor a vessel. Waterscape is a visionary range which merges the product’s functional requirements with a contemporary visual language that connects with the user aesthetically. Whether it be a home, resort, restaurant, club or marina, Waterscape offers a beautifully designed, aesthetically pleasing and multifunctional addition to differentiate such locations, thereby enhancing a waterfront property’s usable space & its commercial and real estate value.

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  • Waterscape understands connection to the water & the emotional needs and desires of the user. An extension of a property into the water, Waterscape's modularity enables the customisation of each application's specific lifestyle need through an array of 'clip on' options such as LED lighting, seating, planters, storage, umbrellas, power pedestals, ice boxes, cleats, ladders. With the cohesive presentation of the pontoon's modular form, the overall is a comprehensive and harmonious image. All options have been carefully considered, and individually designed and engineered to ensure both a visually arresting and cohesive complete silhouette, the form clearly conveying the usage options and possibilities.

  • Waterscape's patented design ensures customisation for any user - from large scale corporate to a residential option. Its simplicity is its versatility. Waterscape's flotation offers a fully flexible modular matrix configured to any shape or size in 1m ratios. Functionality design addresses both the end user & the manufacturer - there is intentional ease of shipping, assembly & installation through the design. Design functionality allows for multi compartment buoyancy, post installation buoyancy trimming and subsea anchoring to negate the need for any visual detraction due to anchor piles. Furniture, service and accessory options are easily clip on or off, or changed, due to the custom designed waler.

  • Waterscape complies with AS3962 Marina Design & its kPa rating easily exceeds the minimums for public use flotation. Rotomoulded flotation pods are impervious to damage, however even if one module was damaged the design ensures flotation is maintained. The custom designed waler allows for attachment of a glass balustrade with a unique spigot design & a custom designed ladder. The FEA analysed waler withstands a 5T force on the cleats, incorporates integrated LED 'border' to provide a safety delineation & the fender provides a detail raised section as a tactility safety trigger. The Softouch fenders with rounded corners cushion any vessel tied to a Waterscape structure so that hull damage cannot occur.

  • Waterscape challenges traditional thinking & changes the market - it is the perfect balance between soul and function, coupled with quality materials. Waterscape quality is inherent - extrusion dies & all aluminium moulds for modules & furniture. Mould quality is such that each item produced is perfect to the millimetre all the time. Quality is assured through use of 6005 grade aluminium throughout & Quenos 711 Hexene polymer. Quenos has been extensively tested with controlled irradiance, temperature, humidity and repeated rain cycles & is a proven class leading UV performer exceeding standard by 250%. Manufacturer's ISO9001 certified Quality Management System ensures repeatable execution of all processes.

    Waterscape is a collaborative effort between Superior Jetties® (John Hogan, CEO) & designer Alexander Lotersztain, (Derlot). Waterscape is a luxury product range that extends the reach of a user's lifestyle, property value & provides a beacon to any waterfront development. Waterscape will carve a new niche market that engages a buyer at an emotional level. Waterfront property values in Australia are in the order of $3K - $6K psm. Waterscape sells at some $1K psm (std) & is an extremely cost effective option to utilise previously vacant space - creating a significant ROI, particularly for commercial and resort entities where capacity for a bar or restaurant can be achieved where land expansion is limited.

    Waterscape is leading edge, a world first designed & manufactured in Australia. Its focus is on overall product range aesthetic, achieved by innovative, Patent Pending features such as: - Modular flotation that allows for buoyancy adjustment - Softouch translucent fender using a copolymer extrusion - LED interactive remote controlled lighting - Multipurpose designed waler extrusion that allows for all accessory attachments - Mooring tube trumpets in flotation to enable subsea anchoring - Variable deck and balustrade options for site or use specific choice of materials - Flotation that is aspirational, emotional and a luxury experience Waterscape is not just an innovation in the marine market - it is a reformation.