Warren Health Service

  • 2019

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

Designed By:

  • Silver Thomas Hanley

Commissioned By:

Western Australian Country Health Service (WACHS)

Department of Finance – Building Management and Works (BMW)

Designed In:


From the earliest design presentations, Silver Thomas Hanley championed the vision of hospitals as key community buildings which should evoke a sense of pride of place but also be uplifting to its occupants. These public spaces should inspire a sense of community wellbeing and resonate the heritage of the region.

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  • The greatest challenge of Warren Health Service (WHS) is to provide a space that is both empathetic to the needs of the community (patients and staff) and whilst also resonating landscape and history of the region. It is essential the design be innovative, provide sufficient accessibility to services and be intuitive to navigate. A key deliverable is the way in which the material selection and design work harmoniously to evoke an inspire a sense of community wellbeing. Other significant challenges included the availability of trades, working within the budget and creating a space which was inviting and not not clinical.

  • Silver Thomas Hanley’s innovative design draws from the heritage of Manjimup’s timber industry and the popular use of rammed earth technology in the state’s South West. The careful selection of materials creates a connection to the surrounding environment as well as the heritage of the community. Recycled timber was used to clad the lofty ‘trees’ supporting the entrance canopy. The rammed earth texture, layering and colouring was developed using locally available sands and gravel. These unique design elements were used judiciously and were not unnecessarily costly. They were also assessed against standard façade elements to ensure value for money.

  • The redevelopment of the WHS will have a long standing, significant and positive impact on the community. Completed within budget, WACHS have noted their satisfaction and pride in the outcome achieved at the WHS. The new WHS includes the following; • Eighteen Inpatient bedrooms • An operating room • A birthing suite • An Emergency Department including four treatment areas • An independent Ambulatory Care Department • Pathology • Radiology • Kitchen and support spaces The service provides significant support to the community, encourages access to preventative healthcare, inspires community wellbeing and provides a positive, easy to navigate working environment for staff.

  • Access to quality healthcare in remote communities provides a unique design challenge. The design of WHS is revolutionary because of the use of design elements to reflect the history and landscape of the region and directly tie the building to the surrounding environment. WHS provides a significantly improved access to healthcare throughout the region, directly contributing to an improved quality of life, better and safer community for local residents and tourists alike. The design challenges bland, outdated health service concepts and sets a new standard for healthcare and building design in regional areas. Illustrating a deep connection between the building design and local community; WHS was crafted using natural elements from the local environment. The native landscape design and careful specification of plants blend seamlessly into the surroundings without posing threat to the local ecosystem. The façade elements combined with an abundance of natural light create a space unlike traditional, dull healthcare buildings is welcoming. WHS is an example of the quality design work Silver Thomas Hanley is renowned for. Silver Thomas Hanley is proud to be a part of this great project. We thank WACHS, BMW, Pindan and the entire teams contribution in helping to deliver this remarkable facility.