Video Assist 12G HDR MKII


The Video Assist 12G HDR MKII is a professional monitoring and recording device used in the TV and film industry. The MKII is used by professional and indie filmmakers on set or on location. It has powerful tools for directors and cinematographers to judge image quality, performance, lighting and exposure.

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  • The challenge for this product was: - Completely re-imagine the the User Interface for this product. One that would set the standard for Blackmagic products for years to come. - Use the technological advances since the release of the MK1to create a feature set that was unique to this product - Create a feature set that would massively improve the workflows of our users and would connect seamlessly to the Blackmagic ecosystem - Push the boundaries of digital product design in this product category. - Appeal to a new generation of content creators who have a high standard of usability and functionality.

  • The User Interface was completely restructured and redesigned. We created a fully integrated, modular design system that not only worked for the Video Assist, but will now be applied to every touch screen based product moving forward. We created three new features, never before seen in this type of product: Localisation, Digital Slate and External Media Management We combined Colour, text and iconography to create design elements that are aesthetically pleasing, extremely legible and highly functional. This resulted in a product that is incredibly intuitive and simple to use.

  • Working in the TV and film industry can be extremely high pressure. Even more so if you are at the beginning of your career. When shooting a wedding, there’s only one chance to get it right, or if you’re an indie filmmaker, you want the quality to emulate a Hollywood feature. This product has enabled our customers to work quicker with more confidence and less stress. This ultimately gives them more time and space to be creative while while giving them the highest level and quality of image capture.

  • Digital Slate From our research, it was clear that directors and cinematographers want a high degree of organisation for the recorded media. The digital slate allows the user to insert custom metadata into each recorded clip. When the clips are transferred to editing software such as DaVinci Resolve, they can be organised in several ways at the touch of a button. The Video Assist 12G is the only monitoring device on the market that has a digital slate. This is a huge innovation which is very beneficial to the user. External Media Management The technological advancement of USB-C has allowed us to innovate by creating a drive management list. Using a USB hub you can connect multiple consumer SSD drives. This is very cost-effective. No other product on the market does this. This feature set is a world-first for a product of this type. These design innovations give the user confidence, flexibility and security. Localisation To enhance usability for all our customers worldwide we introduced localisation. The Video Assist 12G can be operated in one of 11 languages. This covers over 80% of the world’s population.