Vestel Evin Aklı Mobile Application

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Designed By:

  • Can Erkman
  • Cemre Fidan Tüzün
  • Sultan Kayğın Sel
  • Vestel UX/UI Design Group

Commissioned By:

Vestel Electronics Corp.

Designed In:


Today, smart houses offer us a very secure, practical, safe environment. Vestel smart home appliances are part of this smart environment and they are working with Vestel Evin Aklı which is a mobile app and TV app developed for users to control and monitor their connected devices remotely anytime.

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  • Evin Aklı ecosystem includes various different type of home appliances (cooking, washing, drying, cleaning, etc.) and tries to integrate all of them to this ecosystem with a seamless user journey. The biggest challenge here is keeping the similar, coherent structure for the whole devices and always present the up-to-date device status to the user.

  • Evin Aklı which is a mobile app and TV app developed for users to control and monitor their connected home appliances remotely anytime. Thanks to the similarly designed interface and experience design, learning to use and control the newly added devices takes short time for users. Architecture of Evin Aklı mobile app supports to add new devices, functions and features with its flexible structure open to development.

  • With Evin Aklı mobile and TV application, users are able to create personalized scenarios by grouping multiple devices and services. Assistant feature helps them to find suitable programs according to their preferences. Usage patterns are collected and analyzed to give smart recommendations for making user's life easier. Common interaction modules for similar functions among devices eliminate information overload.

  • Vestel UX Group do user researches and A/B testing according to appropriate user group for defining exact user needs and related project guidelines. UX Group, after creating user journey maps, combines them with suitable interfaces for create better user experiences for Vestel smart device's users. While designing these interfaces, user research insights, emotional impacts, usage scenarios, various design architecture systems and actual design trends are considered. With the help of Easy Bill feature of Evin Aklı which is for Vestel air conditioners, users can track their daily / weekly / monthly energy consumption. By being aware of these information, users are always conscious about their usage and change their behaviour of use according to decrease their consumption. Also, almost each device has Eco mode which is also an option for users to continue using their appliances by saving energy.