USG Boral SHEETROCK® Dust Control Joint Compound

  • 2019

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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USG Boral

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United States of America

SHEETROCK® Dust Control Joint Compound was the first of its kind for the Australian construction industry. Dust Control is a lightweight, premixed finishing compound for use as the final coat over plasterboard joints. Dust Control helps to mitigate dust, adding an extra layer of protection for painters and plasterers.

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  • USG Boral wanted to develop a product that could benefit the health and safety of its customers. USG Boral set about developing a product that could help reduce the volume of respirable airborne dust created on building sites during sanding.

  • Dust Control particles are generally heavier than those from other compounds, which means they tend to fall straight to the ground during sanding. The heavier particles respond better to the vacuum in power sanders, rather than creating fine, fly away dust that is more likely to get in ears, eyes, and be inhaled. Ideal for both new builds and renovation projects, Dust Control can reduce contamination of adjacent work and living spaces, making clean up easier and faster.

  • Some respiratory diseases have declined due to greater awareness and control of exposure, and Dust Control is a new way to reduce airborne hazards in the construction industry. Industry feedback: “If we're able to control the way the dust falls, that gives us control as well. Rather than just sanding and having ultra-fine dust floating in the air and going all over the place, we're able to control where it goes, control our clean-up, and use safety equipment that lets us live a healthier life.” Matthew Bailey, Director, Ceiling Resurfacing Australia

  • • Faster mixing time. When additional water is necessary, Sheetrock Dust Control Lightweight Finishing Compound mixes with less effort than conventional compounds; accepts water more quickly to reduce mixing time • Better slip, excellent bond. Features superior ease of handling, good crack resistance, and excellent adhesion • Less spills and waste. Better consistency minimises compound spillage and reduces risk of staining woodwork • Low shrinkage for finer finishing. Factory-controlled shrinkage results in finer finished work, but without the extra labour normally required by conventional ready-mixed products.