Evolve Carbon Hadean Electric Skateboard

  • 2021

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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Evolve Skateboards

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The Evolve Carbon Hadean encapsulates the visions and learnings since Evolve was first established in 2009. This new Australian designed product focuses on superior performance, with no expense spared during development and construction.

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  • Since the successful launch of our Carbon GTR series in 2019, we have looked to advance our product into a premium version that produces greater performance while maintaining the sleek, integrated electrical design the GTR is famous for. Improved performance required increased size to the battery, ESC and motors. This innovation introduced a size constraint that had the potential to impact the users control and riding experience. Our challenge was to raise the level of innovation within our industry while advancing the design to a new level of integrated electromechanical design inspired by the sophisticated look of super cars.

  • The Hadean Carbon is the world's first "chassis" skateboard deck. To achieve this, we developed a forged carbon composite frame. The high fiber content and variation in strand orientation provided by forged carbon creates the strength needed to support a next generation electric system without adding unnecessary bulk. We developed a layered electric system, overlapping the battery, battery management system and ESC. Though larger, this refined electric system has allowed us to increase the ride time and power of the skateboard whist keep a beautiful integrated look and finish.

  • Commercially, the Carbon Hadean will significantly increase our bottom line in all markets and cement Evolve as the number 1 industry leader due to the large increase in performance and beautiful aesthetic look over the existing GTR series we currently sell. Socially, it is a great way to disconnect from devices while staying active which is great for mental health. Environmentally, the board can travel up to 70km on a single charge allowing the user to rethink the way they get about town whilst saving money, reducing carbon emissions and having fun at the same time.

  • The Hadean Carbon draws inspiration from high end super cars in terms of build material and design details. The chassis frame is composed of forged carbon fibre, a material often found in aircraft and performance vehicles. An aluminum forged air vent cooling system blends into the deck to assist with cooling the ESC, drawing heat from internal electrics to its finned wings. The deck shape is contontoured to accommodate the arch of the foot as well having foot lock ins located near the shoulder of the deck, providing riders maximum control when riding. Integrated LEDs both underneath and on top of the deck provide user customisation via the Phaze Remote while also adding rider safety, acting as a warning light when the brake trigger is activated The Hadean Carbon experience is controlled by the Phaze remote. A new design with the hardcore conditions of riding in mind. It is built to last, housed in a machined metal frame with Rubber overmolded sides.