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“Boundless” is made out of silver pear wood, with the frame made from Brazilian golden matte stone. The texture of the stone symbolizes the scars of time; along with the new matte lenses, it is truly a classic in the making where nature and fashion blends perfectly.

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  • "Boundless" is made of three natural materials: stone, wood and metal. The textures of these three materials are different. Stone is hard and heavy, wood is light and soft and metal will melt. It must take many tests to combine to choose suitable materials to make sunglasses. UNSUIKYO ensures that eye-wear is made of the most high-quality materials and innovative craftsmanship and the production process achieves a high standard at the very beginning.

  • UNSUIKYO designers designed the sunglasses made of a combination of stone and wood. They visited different countries or cities to understand the characteristics and structure of stone and wood. Finally, they selected Golden granite from Brazil, it is a close-packed structure which allows you to stay in good shape with such a highly durable frame. Synthetic wood is designed for outdoor use. This artificial wood is not only insect resistant, but also UV resistant which means the color never fade with sunlight and golden metal to make a sunglasses, named "Boundless".

  • "Boundless" design is broke the traditional tradition instead of using plastics as sunglasses. Unsuikyo designers use stone and wood as materials for sunglasses and the materials are taken from resources on earth. Stone and wood are sustainable substances that make sunglasses more integrated into the earth.

  • "Boundless" also use another materials to making: - Lens color: Matte red mirrored lenses with 100% UV Protection - Temple color: Golden Metal and acetate temple tips - Nose pads: Adjustable, hypoallergenic titanium - Frame Weight: 35g