UltimateTaste 700 & 900 French Door Refrigerators

  • 2023

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    Domestic Appliances

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Electrolux Home Products

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A fridge should make a statement and Electrolux makes sure it’s one of the most striking features in your kitchen.

Our flush design UltimateTaste700 French-door keeps foods fresher for longer. We bring advanced, flexible solutions to fight food waste and promote sustainable eating.

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  • At Electrolux, our belief is simple: life in the kitchen should be seamless, social and intuitive. That’s why we approach user experience through the lens of human-centric Scandinavian design. We call this design philosophy Human Touch, and it drives everything that we do. Few things are as pleasurable as sharing a delicious meal. However, a meal is only a delicious as it’s ingredients. That’s why we focus on innovative solutions to keep your ingredients in optimum condition, allowing you to elevate your cooking experience, creating memorable dishes to share with family and friends.

  • Our UltimateTaste 700 refrigerator is both a striking addition to your kitchen interior design, and a tireless protector of your precious food. Designed for a seamless built-in appearance, the slimline door design enables the refrigerator to sit flush with customised cabinetry, leaving a minimal surrounding gap for an integrated kitchen aesthetic. The TasteSealPlus convertible compartment, TasteLockAuto crisper with automatic humidity control, and EvenTemp cooling work together to deliver on the 3 key elements for preserving great tasting food. Together they store your food in the optimum conditions, keeping it fresh and tasty for longer, and reducing food waste.

  • Our aim is to make healthy eating more desirable, more accessible, and easier. By promoting food storage that keeps food looking, tasting & smelling as good as the day you bought it, decreasing nutrition loss and reducing waste we can further our mission to inspire more healthy eating. Our solutions and functionalities facilitate alternatives to unhealthy or carbon-intensive meal choices, including recipes that introduce new and exciting tastes. Our HumanTouch design philosophy revolves around enhancing day-to-day cooking and setting a new benchmark in ease-of-use, precision and efficiency.

  • At Electrolux, sustainability isn't an afterthought or an addon, and our strategy reflects this. Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do, from gathering consumer insights, developing products, sourcing, supply chain and production, branding and marketing, and how the consumer experiences our products and connects with us in a long-term relationship. Electrolux continues to reduce its environmental footprint by shifting to renewables and optimizing the use of energy and other resources throughout its operations. And by creating ever more efficient, high-performance appliances, we help consumers to live better lives, save money and reduce their environmental footprint.