Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Ultimate Ears Design Team

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United States of America

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM is a portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker that delivers party level sound with the fidelity of a home stereo speaker all in a simple, beautiful design that lives naturally in home or on the go. Exceptionally clear dynamic range with extreme bass will bring any music to life.

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  • We wanted to create a portable Bluetooth speaker with party level acoustic fidelity, the smallest footprint, wrapped in an iconic design. One that was simple to use by multiple people with multiple types of devices (bluetooth, aux-in, optical-in) with an experience that never requires the music to stop when switching between. One with a battery that would last as long as the party, but be so beautiful and simple to use it would become their everyday speaker. (Not have to go back in the closet after the party)

  • Two 4.5” 114mm woofers, two 25mm tweeters, two 89mm x 191mm passive radiators power Hyperboom to 100dBC, and as low as 45Hz. A battery that lasts 24 hrs at 50% volume, or an astounding 3hrs + at full volume. A proprietary real time adaptive EQ algorithm ensures that the speaker will always sound it’s best in every environment. 4 sources (2 Bluetooth, 1 Aux-In, and 1 Optical-in) can be connected at the same time and switched between seamlessly without interrupting the music. The portable ID is the most acoustically efficient possible for this size and is iPX4 water resistant rated.

  • Acoustics born out of need. Through direct consumer research, both quantitative and qualitative, we observed people in a broad range of party environments, from house parties to outdoor barbecues and even to weddings. The presence of music became the consistent insight, and the observation that the gathering only became a party when the music was loud and bassy enough to get people dancing. Simple Source Switching: We observed people wanting to share music from different devices but the experience was often confusing, clunky and resulted in that awkward pause in music which kills the mood of any party. To solve this, the team added four input sources — two Bluetooth, one 3.5mm auxiliary and one optical audio — so consumers can play music from their phones, laptops or a gaming console. The music never has to stop while switching sources.

  • With up to 24 hours of battery life on the rechargeable battery, HYPERBOOM can keep the party going all day and into the night; or remain plugged in as an everyday speaker. The speaker’s easy-to-grab, pull-out strap makes transport easy, and an IPX4 rating party-proofs the speaker from accidental drink spills or pool splashes. If someone’s phone is running out of power, they could simply plug into the USB charge-out port on HYPERBOOM and keep their phone with the music going. One-touch music control with HYPERBOOM lets users launch their favourite playlists from Apple Music (on iOS), Amazon Music (on Android and iOS), Deezer Premium (on Android) and Spotify (on Android) with the push of a button. Playlists can be set up on the BOOM app, and tracks can also be played, paused and skipped directly from HYPERBOOM. Using the BOOM app, users can also check battery levels, remotely turn HYPERBOOM on or off, control volume, customize equalizer settings, switch music sources and set up the aforementioned playlists. Need more power or range for the party? HYPERBOOM can also be connected with any other BOOM, MEGABOOM or HYPERBOOM speakers using the PartyUp feature on the app, fully compatible across all generations.