Ultima 215 LED Driving Light

  • 2017

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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The heavy duty Ultima 215 with its hybrid beam pattern is the brightest lamp in its class, producing 10,500 lumens of smooth white light.

The Active Thermal Management System enables it to drive LEDs harder for longer without damage, whilst interchangeable trims enable 12 unique appearances for users’ own signature look.

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  • The built in 'Active Thermal Management System (ATMS) enables the Ultima 215 LED to run harder for longer. Leading its class, the lamp can run at full intensity at up to 40º ambient temperature with no air cooling, replicating extreme environmental conditions unlikely to be experienced in reality.

  • Great attention was placed on the optics of the new light with 33 x 5W XP-G2 Cree® L.E.D's used to generate 165W of pure smooth white light in a class performance combining volume for off-road 4WD and distance for long range performance for transport operators. A highly polished, super-efficient aluminium metallized reflector using precisely scalloped parabolas was designed and developed to provide the ultimate control to produce a class leading hybrid beam pattern.

  • The superior mounting bracket system used on the Ultima 215 utilises polymer rubber to suspend the light making it impervious to shock and vibration and the unique tool-free vertical adjustment affords quick and easy beam correction adjustments on the run using an ergonomic aluminium adjustable knob.

  • A unique and totally customisable appearance can be achieved by providing the user with their own signature look in up to 12 possible colour combinations. Outer bezel changes from the standard stainless satin bezel to a gloss Black Bezel or Chrome plated bezel are available along with the inner trim colour changes from the standard blue to black, red or yellow.

    A new technology L.E.D Light Pipe that fully meets the required ADR specifications Front Position Light was incorporated into the design and built into the light adding another valuable road safety and signature feature.

    The Ultima 215 is fully sealed against the ingress of water and dust to IP66 and IP67 ratings utilising a genuine Nitto breather vent and an integrated DT electrical connector.