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  • Kate Hinton
  • Jess Dadon
  • Stef Dadon

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Jess Dadon

Stef Dadon

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TWOOBS is on a mission to lighten fashion’s impact on the planet, one pair of shoes at a time. The brand creates comfortable, accessible & beautiful footwear designed for longevity & durability, crafted from better materials like recycled plastics & carbon-absorbing sugarcane. They’re cruelty-free, carbon neutral, and recycled by TWOOBS when you’re done.

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Image: Todd Clare
Image: Todd Clare
Image: Todd Clare
Image: Todd Clare
Image: Todd Clare
Image: Todd Clare
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  • Fast fashion is an environmental disaster. Among the environmental impacts of fast fashion are the depletion of non-renewable sources, emission of greenhouse gases & the use of massive amounts of water & energy. The fashion industry was responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emissions in 2019 - more than all international flights & maritime shipping combined. 20.5 billion pairs of shoes were manufactured in 2020, & approximately 90% of all shoes manufactured will end up in landfill. Shoes in landfill take 30 - 40 years to decompose. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, used in most running shoes, can live in landfill for as long as 1000 years. Yikes.

  • TWOOBS is replacing the current fast fashion culture of over-production & over-consumption with an innovate approach to footwear. TWOOBS sandals are crafted from recycled PU&Lycra, created from 80% post-consumer waste like plastics & fishing nets. Their outsoles contain 51% carbon-absorbing sugarcane, sustainably sourced in Brazil, made using rainwater rather than irrigation. "Thingys" are the brand's unique solution to transform shoes into a totally different product without buying a new pair. Majority of materials & production are within under a 100km radius, & all carbon is offset. The brand has created a closed-loop solution, turning old shoes into warehousing mats that can be repeatedly recycled.

  • CO2 Offset: 260,690Lbs, equivalent to 166,848 trees saved. Every kg of sugar plastic captures & stores approximately 2kg CO2. 10,000 satchels avoided landfill from going satchel-free. 1500 pairs of shoes saved from landfill (Program is 1.5 years old, estimated to be over 20,000 in 5 years). 500 "Thingys" sold saving additional shoe purchases (Launched November 2021, predicted 2000 units by end 2022). 176% sales growth since relaunching environmental focus - TWOOBS uses its for-profit model to demonstrate viability of ethical business. Versatility in design means that for every 1 pair of TWOOBS bought the customer may have otherwise bought 3-4 pairs.

  • TWOOBS is on a mission to lessen fashion's impact on the planet, by empowering style-lovers to become changemakers. They do this through crafting thoughtful product, creating community & positive education. A big part of the brand's impact is through the conversations it ignites around the environment with its 40,000+ social media following, educating people on conscious consumerism & general more sustainable living, with fun, positive, & enlightening content. This includes Hey TWOOBS! Podcast releasing weekly episodes tackling tough environmental & fashion questions. TWOOBS is a public advocate for environmentally-focused fashion & conscious consumerism, featuring in recent media such as a segment on The Project and Australian Financial Review. It has also created customer demand for better products, educating consumers on how to spot greenwashing, & write to brands & ask them to do better. 68% of customers surveyed said TWOOBS' conscious messaging & education made them reconsider a purchase from another brand. 69% said TWOOBS' "buy less" messaging stopped them from buying a new pair of TWOOBS, 86% of which said they'll buy TWOOBS when they do need new shoes. TWOOBS is known for its limited-run collaborations with likeminded brands that sell out in a matter of hours, including with First Nations artist collective Cungelella Art.