TW Series TW-1 and TW-3 Weigh Scale and Data Collector

  • 2018

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Professor Tony Parker
  • Massey University - Industrial Design
  • Steve Cormack
  • Gallagher Product Development Team - Mechanical Design Engineering

Commissioned By:

Gallagher Animal Management

Designed In:

New Zealand

TW series leverages RFID animal tag technology for animal weighing, data collection, monitoring and analysis. The familiar touch screen GUI combines with a trusted keypad for all weather use, stimulating intuitive navigation, breaking down complexity and making access to productivity improving animal data easy.

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  • To produce an easy to use, plug and play, robust weigh scale at an accessible price point for farmers. Research and market feedback revealed the following challenges: • Easy set up on the farm and office. • Intuitive navigation through specialist software with little need for training and handbook reference. • Interface that works in dirty, wet and hot farm environments often in direct sunlight or dimly lit sheds. • Form factor to accommodate horizontal and vertical mounting in farm environments. • Easy connectivity to other related equipment and consumer digital devices and online regulatory sites. • Robust enclosure to withstand tough use and IP67 specification.

  • • The dual mode interface touch screen and membrane keypad is unique in this category. • The robust enclosure uses rubber over-moulding to achieve IP67 weather protection and drop resistance for tough farm environments. • The adjustable quick release mounting bracket accessory provides secure, convenient, highly flexible installation options to timber rails, walls or metal poles. • TW software facilitates easy connection to load bars, readers and Gallagher’s own Animal Performance Software (APS) to access animal and mob performance information and data analysis. • The aesthetic design further develops the Gallagher brand form language and materials application, responding to the farming environment.

  • The sales of TW-1 and TW-3 have exceeded initial targets in this specialist global markets across Austalasia, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and parts of South America. The TW Series has been recognised in New Zealand's Best Design programme with Purple Pin for best of the best across all product categories and a Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award.

  • • The TW series products share the same enclosure. TW1 is an entry level unit with a simplified alphanumeric keypad and functionality. TW3 has a full QWERTY alphanumeric keypad and advanced functionality for animal traits and drafting. • The product form has been sensitively designed for secure handling and intuitive haptic input that offers reassurance in farming conditions from the home office to animal yards. • The wedged profile provides good ergonomic performance for table, desk, drum or farm equipment mounting conditions. Design details are used to provide visual cues that guide user interaction with the product and highlight important features like the screen, plugs and sockets, handling zones and rear mounting pocket. • A flexible, water resistant carry case protects the product and ancillaries. The flexible bag allows farmers to carry other items to their work place, a feature which was identified as preferable to rigid units. • All field recorded data can be uploaded to APS software, and exported without double handling. Gallagher Dashboard App allows smartphones, tablets, or PCs to access data anywhere, anytime from the Weigh Scale using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.