Trinity™ ONE – Specialty Coffee Brewer

  • 2017

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    Domestic Appliances

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Trinity Coffee Co.

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The Trinity™ ONE is already internationally recognised as a significant innovation and advancement for coffee brewing. It precisely extracts and expresses the unique flavours of specialty coffee with refined usability and discerning aesthetics. It fills a gaping void for high quality manual brewers in residential and commercial settings.

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  • The Trinity™ ONE uses a weighted cylinder to press filtered coffee with a completely unique brew profile. This is a world first, and a technique that has never been seen or used before on any other product. The use of a weighted cylinder applies constant pressure throughout the brewing process. This provides repeatable results and greatly enhances the success rate of brewing a high quality coffee with less manual input. These results have been verified by refractometer testing. This is advantageous for the home user to make brewing coffee more enjoyable and reliable, and also to cafe users who rely solely on repeatable and predictable brew recipe results to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • The Trinity™ ONE has also been designed to consolidate all other traditional brew method capabilities including drip filter and immersion brewing. It effectively emulates existing well known products such as French Press, Hario V60, Chemex, Kalita Wave, Clever Coffee Dripper and can also be used for cold brew immersion. It reduces bench top clutter and provides a highly versatile brewing experience.

  • The Trinity™ ONE filter housing is designed to suit standard industry paper and metal filters. It locks into position with the familiarity of a traditional coffee group handle. The traditional design elements are enhanced by innovation in the form of a rotational flow control feature. The flow controller performs as a stopper during brewing to prevent unwanted drips and is convenient for dispensing coffee. A unique non-bypass filter design means no sediments or fines can escape the filtering process for a clean and delicious result.

  • The Trinity™ ONE is presented in high quality 304 stainless steel and North American black walnut timber. The brew chamber is moulded Tritan® copolyester, an extremely durable food grade material, to withstand the pressure and temperature demands of brewing coffee. Most other brewing products of this nature are not designed with aesthetic consideration. The Trinity™ ONE enjoys a unique market position, with no other manual brewing product offering not only the functional advantages, but also consideration and focus on a pleasing aesthetic design.

    The original vision for the Trinity™ ONE was to enhance the user experience of manually brewing specialty coffee. The distinct theme of 'Showcase the Brewing Process' became unearthed during the early concept stages. This theme led to the design of a highly transparent brew chamber suspended from a minimalist stainless steel frame accented with black walnut timber. Inspiration for the product form was also drawn from laboratory glassware to represent the precision and care required to produce a specific outcome. The end result is a specialty coffee brewer that delivers an intriguing lab-like experience from all user angles during the brewing process.

    The impact of the Trinity™ ONE has been far reaching. The product is already known globally, and has been received unanimously positive in media platforms and expert reviews. The aesthetic and functional offerings of the Trinity ONE are unsurpassed and provide customers a new opportunity to take specialty coffee further through presentation, customer engagement and experience, and also quality of brewing. The Trinity™ ONE has been received well at industry events including positive encounters with World Barista Champion (2015), Sasa Sestic and Australian Barista Champion (2016), Hugh Kelly.