Low-Vibration U-shaped Baby Electric Toothbrush

  • 2023

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Yuanshao Zhao

Commissioned By:

Yuanshao Zhao

Beijing Shenchuang Century Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Designed In:


Specially designed to train babies aged 2-3 years. We control the head’s oscillation frequency between 20-35Hz to protect their milk teeth. Cute design with interactive music and video makes training effective. Easy-to-learn special U-shaped head.

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  • Babies aged 2-3 years begin to take supplementary food, and their growing milk teeth require better cleaning. Because they still cannot use electric toothbrushes with precision, we specially designed a U-shaped brush head with soft TPU material.

  • We simplified the difficult tooth-cleaning task by designing U-shaped brush heads and shorter body. Babies can simply clean their teeth by holding the brush head in their mouths and swinging the toothbrush body from left to right.

  • Kids’ dental caries rate is high due to dietary and oral cleaning habits, and milk teeth’s relatively weak enamel. With local dietary habits in mind, we help protect kids’ teeth, promote healthy oral cleaning habits, and prevent caries.

  • Abstract cartoon motifs and the bright yellow/light grey color appeal to kids of different ages. The safe unibody cannot be accidentally taken apart. Tests show our product performs better in experience, cleanliness, fun to use, and noise level.