• 2021

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Kymeta Corporation

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United States of America

The Kymeta™ u8 electronically steered satellite antenna platform and Kymeta Connect™ is a unique offering that provides satellite and cellular hybrid connectivity for first responders, military, businesses and anyone else that needs constant connectivity to do their jobs safely and effectively while on-the-go.

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  • Prior to the launch of Kymeta solutions, people working remotely or that are on the move had to rely on cellular towers or satellite connection through large antenna, which isn't accessible or reliable in many places around the world. In addition, these connections were often severed or interrupted during storms and natural disasters, which is often when it is needed the most. The industry has desired Kymeta's solution for years and the lack thereof has been a major roadblock for mobile broadband customers, who are unable to seamlessly access mobile satellite and terrestrial services while on the move.

  • The combination of our metamaterial technology with field testing data from our first-generation solution, resulted in a flat panel antenna that was lightweight with no need for moving parts and more reliable for mobile vehicles, while also increasing antenna performance. Kymeta's solutions are the only land-based solution of its kind that fully support always-on broadband communications over both satellite and cellular while mobile. Connecting to a satellite while on the move, combined with the back-end support suite of services, Kymeta Connect, results in a seamless customer experience and a product that no other satellite antenna company offers today.

  • Public safety, emergency responders, military, government, businesses, industrial workers and farmers now have access to dependable connectivity, no matter where they are in the world and despite natural disasters or how remote their job site is. By mounting Kymeta's solution to their vehicle or vessels, industrial workers and farmers can access information and content reliably. Public safety and emergency responders can connect to networks while they are on their way to the scene and "arrive ready." Businesses can now work from anywhere, including on the road, at a campsite in the mountains or in the middle of the ocean.

  • We made the terminal built to last and it has been designed from the ground up to handle the harshest environmental conditions on earth. As an example, the u8 can operate in winter conditions of -40c up to +55c desert conditions or +70c with a full solar load. The terminal has been tested in unprotected cold weather, snow, ice, severe hailstorms, and scorching heat, high winds, and sandstorms in both lab and field conditions. As part of the testing, we have been collaborating with forward thinking companies to ensure the interoperability with LEO satellites, mega constellations and other future technologies. Current results and iterations with the u8 over earlier generations of product have already demonstrated a significant increase in performance with lower latency, enhanced look angles (being able to see the satellite as it approaches the horizon) and data speeds that are approaching 10X faster than before with higher throughput. We have significantly increased antenna performance and total cost of ownership over our first-generation product (effective coverage under the same satellite footprint while the antenna is mobile, has increased by over 5x under the same conditions).