• 2018

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Anthony Innovations

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TraXtar™ is a window and door roller that allows systems designers and manufacturers greater freedom to build large doors that create a seamless transition between the outdoor and indoor environments. TraXtar™ reduces rolling resistance and operates smoothly and quietly providing the ultimate performance.

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  • Excessive resistive force in the operation of windows and doors is a common complaint from the building and construction industry, which until now has been inadequately addressed. This demand is driven by modern building design that is led by the feeling of dimension and space, and the environmental impact of this evolution. As a result, door panels are becoming larger, and double glazing more prevalent. This increases the weight that the roller supports, adds to rolling resistance and intensifies the force required to open or close the door.

  • To serve the industry's aspiring requirements for architecturally impressive larger doors, TraXtar™ is designed to meet the following functional criteria: -Each roller carries a load capacity of 150kg, making it possible to build energy-efficient double or triple-glazed panels, weighing up to 300kg. -TraXtar™ can reduce rolling resistance by up to 35%, compared to its nearest rival. - Modular design in the main assembly makes this product adaptable to most systems and enables easy and inexpensive upgrades. System designers and distributors can confidently extend their offer whilst architects are given greater freedom to explore the possibilities of design.

  • Systems manufacturers and fabricators: Can design bigger, more energy efficient panels whilst using their current system design. This expands their range of solutions without requiring custom components for more complex system installations, and potentially increases their revenues. End-users: Stainless components ensure that corrosion does not have any effect on the longevity of the product. This also makes it possible to open and close heavy sliding doors with ease. Contributes to significant reductions in energy consumption: With lower rolling resistance, double or triple glazing can be confidently applied to larger panels.

  • Additionally, its wheels are made using machined polymer tyres and stainless precision bearings for superior durability and reliability. Its dual-layer bogie-design ensures distribution of weight to each wheel, adding to the product's longevity.