TRAX – A Digital Wake Coach

  • 2018

  • Next Gen

Commissioned By:

Dugald Moncrieff

Isaac LeMass

Designed In:


TRAX is a digital action sports coaching system that tracks users sessions and provides instant feedback on how to adjust their riding to better replicate that of a professional. TRAX achieves this through a combination of new GPS technology, intelligent and innovative hardware and real-time comparative analysis.

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  • Currently action sports coaches are few and far between, and often too expensive for beginners & Intermediate riders. As is the case in many solo action sports such as Surfing, Skating, Wakeboarding and snowboarding, even when riders do find an appropriate coach, the analysis of the riders style is rarely technical & detailed. The aim of this project was to develop a product that would enhance action sports coaching for the general public, by improving the lack of access and the quality of rider data collection.

  • The TRAX ecosystem has three key products that help deliver accurate rider tracking, provide instant feedback and guide riders progression as they improve. The X1 is the brains of the system, containing state of the art tracking hardware. The X1 is securely attached to the riders board where it can detect, record and transmit all the rider telemetry. The FM (Feedback Module) provides instant feedback to the riders on how to correct their riding in real-time during sessions. The TRAX App lets users view their previous sessions, compare all their data to the data of professionals and set goals & milestones.

  • The introduction of the TRAX system into the action sports scene has the potential to revolutionise how solo sports coaching is approached. Socially, TRAX will allow riders to become more confident in their own abilities and have a far more positive outlook on learning progression through their chosen sports. Commercially, TRAX strenghtens the action sports industries market share and attractiveness by providing a platform through which beginners can feel more comfortable entering into the sport, knowing they have professional help at the touch of a button.

  • Whilst rider & player tracking is not new technology, the way TRAX uses it to record riders telemetry and then compare and convert that data into real-time feedback is. Thanks to the on-board accelerometers, GPS and gyroscopes, the TRAX system can accurately track rider movements down to the millimeter and present that in a understandable and instructive way for beginners. No other product, in any sports market provides instant feedback for coaching purposes, and this is how TRAX could change the action sports coaching scene forever. All this is sealed in two ip68 rated housings, allowing for unlimited use in all kinds of scenarios. Thanks to the inbuilt Li-Po batteries, the Wireless charging dock keeps the X1 & FM coaching for up to 15hours at a time. The X1 & FM's universal design allows it to be transferred onto any type of board. The user simply has to attach a new 'Connection Pad' to their new board and update the sport they wish to be coached through in the App and off they go! Finally, as a new product entering the market, we want to keep our eco-footprint to a minimum by using recycled materials & eco-friendly manufacturers.