Transforming HIA’s Sense of Belonging into a Digital Experience

  • 2021

  • Design Strategy

Designed By:

  • Matt Yuen, Switch
  • Deanna Grindrod, Switch

Commissioned By:

Ben Brooker, GM of Digital, HIA

Designed In:


Housing Industry Association in Australia partnered with Switch to support their digital transformation journey and to challenge their thinking about the website design and structure. The objective was to craft a digital experience that truly reflects the trusted, ever-present voice of the entire Residential Building Industry.

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  • HIA has been stuck with internally-led thinking, which meant they were out of touch with their customers, resulting in a confused digital UX & a lack of personalised/targeted customer experience. Additionally, the association is comprised of 15+ internal business units who work in isolation, with no meaningful objective/goal. HIA's member base is also at a turning point; the next generation of customers place importance on online tools & services. Whereas, existing loyal members rely on phones/calling their local HIA representative. The obstacle faced was to transform HIA, guide them through this journey, whilst not alienating the existing or new cutomers.

  • Helping HIA understand how digital could support the evolution of their membership model through the improvement of the overall digital experience - we immersed ourselves within the business, facilitated several workshops with HIA; built our understanding of their vision, goals & digital landscape. We then evaluated customers' perceptions & their understanding of HIA using qualitative surveys. Armed with insights & knowledge, we formulated a digital strategy centered around four key transformation goals and eight customer objectives. The strategy resulted in a multi-year roadmap, allowing HIA to commence their digital transformation journey, starting with a new "Foundation Site" enabling HIA to realise their digital future.

  • The overall impact of the project was an improved customer experience, providing not just excellent digital service but a great customer experience in its entirety. The development of new workflows, systems and useful online tools enabling self-driven problem solving (self-help desk/FAQS), created avenues for customers to interact with HIA outside of business hours. This resulted in reduced call centre traffic and reliance on human resources, an increase in loyalty, the opportunity to focus on growing the customer base, lower overheads and manual processes by automating certain tasks, and increased business efficiencies.

  • Digital Resource Library Created A DRL with interactive &@ categorised content that engages customers on popular topics &@ encourages conversion to become A full HIA member. Events, Awards, Training Created A cohesive platform with A curated brand story displaying content from all business units through A simple, single tool helping customers navigate between the Events, Training and award portals. Commerce Solution Created A simple and integrated Commerce platform across all HIA digital assets, supporting cross and upsell opportunities as A result of the improved DRL. the Solution enables access to resources that were previously Only available through phone queries. CPD Revamped HIA's content strategy to allow members to easily track CPD points earned, generate reports &@ view all CPD content. This allows for A streamlined experience so builders and other professionals can maintain their license. - Manage Employees Simplified user management UX that supports HIA's membership structure. Created A simple fee structure & A single point of contact for account management. included processes to add, edit and remove Employees in the central account. - Onboarding Created A list component prompting users to explore the website and learn about the features available. added additional steps allowing users to choose their interests, to create A more personalised experience.