Transforming AMP Insurance

  • 2015

  • Design Strategy

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AMP Limited

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Customer trust and perceived value in the insurance industry is low. As a result AMP’s old insurance business of selling insurance and paying claims has lost customers, experienced an increase in risk, and a decrease in viability. Our response has been to transform not only the way we do, but also think about how we look after insurance customers.

We’ve redesigned our entire business – from offers & services, to activities & partnerships, and ways of working with each other and with customers – and have begun aligning towards one goal: being there to help people realise their best lives.

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  • "Living Expenses is looking after me, not just my income. It encompasses bills and mortgages and things so you can go on and have a good lifestyle." - Customer response from product testing, April 2014 Living expenses is currently being piloted on the market, is a category first, and brings our transformation to life for customers. It is insurance that lets you choose what matters to you and what's covered, so you know exactly what you're paying for. And the included MyView digital tool prompts and helps you adjust your cover so over time your insurance changes as you change.

  • "I can't believe my Super provider would help me with my recovery. It's fantastic!" - Life Services customer, March 2015. Life Services is being piloted with AMP's corporate superannuation clients and their employees, and it helps throughout their live, not just at claim time. It is a program of health, family, and wealth services - such as recovery assistance, family and baby planning, and specialist referral - that help you do well today and tomorrow. Best of all, using Life Services costs nothing for AMP customers.

  • In 2014 we helped 80 long-term claimants and 1,800 customers overall return from illness or injury, and to live an active and fulfilling life, faster. We're rolling out new claims processes, systems, and training that promote the health benefits of activity and work. We've partnered with a "round table" or international health specialists to support what claimants can do (not on what they can't). And we're removing the barriers that often prevent them from resuming an active, productive life after illness or injury - which is a real win-win, and a very new way of thinking for AMP.

  • "We do great things when everyone, including the customer, has an equal seat at the table" - Natalie Gatley, AMP Product Process Design Manager. Our insurance business exemplifies AMP's new customer-centric strategy. The design of our transformation is based, in part, on the 100+ hours we spent away from the office and in customers' homes. Our ability to test and learn from customers - and each other - is continually enhanced as more senior leaders, staff, and channel partners go through formal Human Centred Design training. And our new offers are designed to go beyond new products, but also new platforms through which we gather insight about customers and continually develop new solutions that matter.

    "We are now starting to see the rewards of our efforts... response from our customers and our team members to the change we have made is putting insurance on a positive trajectory in terms of our financial performance... and impact we are having on our insurance customers" - Megan Beer, AMP Director of Insurance. As proud as we are of results so far we know there's much more work to do to realise the benefits we envision with customers. We look forward to further enhancing everything new we've done with what's upcoming. From underwriting to exploring new channels, we're committed to designing a business that's there to help realise their best lives.