Tooletries Mighty Collection

  • 2016

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Commissioned By:

Tooletries Pty Ltd

Designed In:


The Tooletries Mighty Collection brings clever functionality and flexibility to the way we organize our bathrooms.
The Collection comprises of the Mighty Toothbrush holder, Mighty Razor Holder and Mighty Mirror. Utilizing a specially developed silicone composite, all items are designed for configurable arrangement and simple attachment to vertical gloss surfaces.

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  • The Mighty Collection is designed to demonstrate the beauty of functionality. Geometric in form, yet soft to touch - it is the perfect balance of organization and contemporary style. An angular theme complemented by sweeping surfaces and interconnecting features defines the design language, reinforcing that the sum of any number of parts can make a whole. Through its use of material, form and functionality, the Mighty Collection enhances the bathroom experience by providing a simple attractive way to create order out of chaos. Available in a range of colours from the hottest of pinks to neutral charcoal and white, there is a combination for every bathroom space. It is soft, yet strong. Sophisticated and fun.

  • The Mighty Collection features the unique 'Aussie Grip' technology, allowing reliable, reusable and incredibly strong adhesion to vertical glossy surfaces like tiles, laminate, marble and glass without the need for suction cups, adhesives or permanent mounts. Using an advanced silicone composite that exhibits high dispersive adhesion characteristics, test results for this technology have shown no loss of adhesion under a vertical load in excess of 60N. Removing the product from the wall involves a simple peeling action, with no residues or marking left behind on the mounting surface and no loss of adhesive properties, giving the user infinite flexibility when re-positioning the products around the bathroom.

  • Never before has a bathroom storage system allowed so much flexibility. The Mighty Collection was conceived as a range of products to overcome the difficulties of storing items where you need to use them. Because we know that everyone is different, we designed the range to be totally flexible. Individual items fit together in a variety of ways so that the way you use your collection is completely up to you! Shave and clean your teeth in the shower? It's covered. Need a mirror in the shower? It's covered. Like somewhere to put your rings when you wash your hands? We've thought of that too. The beauty of the Mighty Collection is that it can be easily and hygienically positioned wherever you want. It's up to you.

  • The Mighty Collection is designed to thrive in the bathroom environment. Every item is: - Waterproof - Rustproof - Shatterproof - Tear resistant - Lightweight Installation and use is a breeze. All you need to do is peel off the protective film and press straight onto a clean vertical gloss surface. Each item has: - No wire - No paint - No adhesives - No suction cups - No small parts - No sharp edges Every item in the collection features an in-built drainage system and can be easily removed from the mounting surface for cleaning. Each item is: - Washable in warm water - Non-porous - Dishwasher-safe - Mould-resistant - Heat resistant