• 2020

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Felice Carlino

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Tui door pulls for cavity sliding doors is the culmination for a resolution to an age old problem; a design that resolves the problem of a functional need met with an elegant solution. A philosophy that goes beyond the aesthetic; it’s a fundamental belief in form that’s fit for purpose.

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Image: Daniel Shipp
Image: Daniel Shipp
Image: Daniel Shipp
Image: Daniel Shipp
Image: Daniel Shipp
Image: Daniel Shipp
Image: Daniel Shipp
Image: Daniel Shipp
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  • The brief was my own personal challenge; to design a solution that was functional, ergonomic and beautiful that addressed all issues associated with cavity door furniture. It was one of the more difficult challenges I set for myself as I have not found an adequate design solution for cavity door furniture. The result reflects my strong belief that functional objects deserve care and attention to design detail, no matter how utilitarian.

  • Ergonomic and anatomical, designed to fit the fingers of the human hand for easy opening and closing. Crafted from renewable and sustainable wood thus eliminating the need for energy hungry metals. The result is a solution that meets the challenge I set for myself.

  • In my experience, I haven’t found a cavity door pull that satisfied my requirement for a functional solution with a beautiful aesthetic; no-one had resolved the problem of opening and closing the door without the need for intrusive and often unattractive fixtures. Tui delivers a world first response to this age old problem.

  • In Tui, my need for an aesthetic resolution was enhanced by the ergonomic design; the door pull has been designed to comfortably fit the fingers of the human hand.