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Tint is fundamentally changing the way consumers shop for and interact with paint and colour. Their direct-to-consumer model reimagines the paint experience from end to end. Tint’s world-first, colour-matching hardware ‘Pico’ makes colour fully customisable and their app’s AR capabilities offer ‘virtual try on’ simplifying colour selection and reducing waste.

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Image: Tekni Creative
Image: Photography: Lillie Thompson, Styling: Natalie Turnbull
Image: Photography: Lillie Thompson, Styling: Natalie Turnbull
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  • Paint is one of the few remaining industries that is yet to be revolutionised by technology; all elements of the purchasing process are mostly offline and dominated by incumbents. Virtually the only recent innovation in the paint industry is inside the can. Tint provides a giant digital leap forward for the $3b Australian paint industry catering to trade, specifiers and at home DIY. The design of the 'Tint experience' solves many common barriers faced when shopping for paint and tackling a paint project. Tint removes complexity and delivers all the necessary elements direct to your door.

  • Tint’s parent company Palette started in 2013 with a mission to digitalise, visualise and be inspired by colour. Palette developed ‘Pico’ to accurately scan and digitise colours, offering the tech to paint incumbents. When incumbents were reluctant to move online for fear of eroding channel margins, Palette launched their own direct-to-consumer paint brand, Tint in 2019. To simplify colour selection, Tint offers 71 curated colours based on Pico’s global trend data. They also offer colour customisation for users who capture colours through Pico. Paint can be virtually tested using Tint’s in-app AR and ordered online for next day delivery.

  • Tint offers simplicity and complete control over colour choice, as well as removing many of the hurdles traditionally associated with painting. Tint paints are water-based, odour-free, vegan and 99% VOC-free. Tint’s warehouse is run on renewable energy and their technology requires less paper (goodbye stacks of paint swatches). Paint waste is reduced due to in-app AR technology which accurately measures the amount of paint required for a job. For professionals, Tint means no more queuing at the Trade Centre and no more arguments with clients about inaccurate colour matches, meaning lower costs and higher satisfaction for all.

  • Over 50,000 Palette colour matching devices have sold across 66 countries worldwide, including sales for colour-matching technology to heavy-weights such as Disney and Apple. Generating 100,000+ colour scans each month, Tint has access to live data that informs their seasonal colour selections. For example, the most popular paint colour in the Netherlands in 2019 was a soft beige (indicated by 13,000 captures), whilst in Australia it was a cool, bright white (with 24,000 scans). This incredible colour data and the tech-capabilities of the company have led to a world-first paint collaboration with Pantone, who now offer a Pantone approved paint range through Tint. Tint is now the only paint company in the world licensed to sell Pantone colours in paint. Overall, the Tint experience is innovative design at its best. Marrying world-first technology with paint and e-commerce to challenge and revolutionise a stale market, making it more convenient, sustainable and forward thinking. A sales surge during COVID-19 isolation demonstrates the power of colour to transform the home, and Tint’s ability to delight their customers. Tint’s direct-to-consumer model allowed deliveries to continue, helping bring a little colour and joy to their customers when they needed it most.