The Tigerface Collection

  • 2015

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    Hardware and Building

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BOUND interiors

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Bespoke architectural leatherworkers, BOUND interiors, premier their Tigerface Collection. These are door and cabinet pulls, handmade locally from reclaimed Tallowwood and Greentag leather. As BOUND interiors are bespoke makers, they are highly customisable.
There are secret layers of history imbued in these elemental objects: the leather was once a cow and now the touch-point of the handle; the wood was once a tree, then part of a bridge, to then become the pull’s body; we can only guess at the details of these lives past.
Customisability & user-defined purpose together with the organic nature of the materials make these highly collaborative objects, with nature being a strong actor in the process.

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  • The Tigerface Collection is a range of 4 door pulls made from and for the Australian environment to be presented to an international market. They are designed to compliment contemporary interiors and add a compelling organic accent to contexts which may include concrete, glass and steel. They are named in order of size and their dimensions are as follows: 01 L 800mm x W 30mm x D 40mm, projection 80mm; RRP $517.00 02 L 500mm x W 23mm x D 23mm, projection 52mm; RRP $247.00 03 L 305mm x W 23mm x D 23mm, projection 52mm; RRP $180.00 04 L 250mm x W 20mm x D 10mm, projection 26mm; RRP $117.00 Fixings: 01 available in back-to-back, face-fix, bolt-through & glass fixings; 02-04 bolt-through fixings. Leathers: Pelle Leathers' Greentag-certified Savannah range or reclaimed

  • The design brief for BOUND's second range of door pulls was to make something very relevant to the Australian context, that contributes to a unique local design vision, and at the same time, a voice that speaks, as well as listens, to the international context in which it is posited. BOUND sought to make them as environmentally sympathetic as possible while showcasing the possibilities of leather, their specialism. They were made to be objects of distinction and beauty in a market dominated by products with little differentiation but not insignificant price tags. BOUND's objective was to address all these issues and yet have the range be accessible.

  • Tallowwood (Eucalyptus microcorys) is a local and common Eucalyptus species found in wet schlerophyll forests between Newcastle and Frazer Island. Tallowwood is an extremely durable wood (Class 1 - AS5604) with natural termite- (AS3660) and fire-resistance (AS3837) - well suited to use and local conditions. Years spent as a bridge-deck, exposed to the harsh local environment forged the extraordinary texture of the Tallowwood used for the Tigerface Collection. Inherently elemental, endurance is its clear subtext - definitively Australian and ripe for re-invention into new and beautiful objects.

  • As standard, the Tigerface Collection inlays use Pelle Leather's Savannah range - a high quality, semi-analine, Greentag-certified leather. It is a full grain, sumptuous and soft leather, suited to both commercial and residential use. Re-use leathers can also be specified (though these will obviously vary). Similarly clients may choose specialty leathers to suit conditions and/or decor.

    Each pull is hewn from a solid piece of local wood in accordance with a design ethos of honesty and simplicity. The wood is iteratively brushed & sanded until structural stability is re-established, whilst the unique characteristics are left intact; then it is only treated with Tung Oil which adds lustre, strength & UV protection. Different parts of the original piece of wood are used for each pull, thereby minimising waste. Leather is applied for ergonomic comfort & sensory pleasure. The level of care and craft necessary is not incompatible with the attention normally required with bespoke projects: each piece is unique so ingenuity and in-situ responsiveness is a core skill.

    The key components of each pull have led former lives. Unknown in their detail, these secret histories result in each component having unique properties. This factor strongly influences BOUND's work with them. Manufacture is not a factory process, as materiality - in its many layers - underscores the crafting of each pull. The parts are strong agents in their 'becoming' and end-user choices complete the collaborative evolution.

    These door pulls are, like all our products, highly customisable. Lengths can vary and leather may be specified. In determining these attributes and in devising the pull's purpose, the end-user is also an actor and participant in eco-centric design evolution. Once installed, the leather inlays are positioned for ergonomic comfort and ease of use, as well yielding a sensual experience as a touchpoint on entering or leaving a space, creating another memory. The natural ingredients and processes used in manufacture result in a product with no/low VOC levels. Each door pull is long-serving and then biodegradable and/or recyclable; we offer a complimentary end-of-life returns service.