The Steam Zone

  • 2017

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    Domestic Appliances

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Breville Group

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The food steamer market is saturated with low quality and products which lack innovation. The Steam Zone has an innovative design which utilises predominantly cookware grade Stainless Steel in response to growing health awareness. This in combination with the unique steam generating technology sets a new benchmark for the steamer category.

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  • Conventional steamers are typically made from plastics which often contain unhealthy additives such as BPA. This negates the health benefits of the steaming process and the stacked baskets make it difficult to manage the cooking process. The Steam Zone uses cookware quality Stainless Steel for all the cooking surfaces. The long tray allows you to steam whole fish while the individual baskets allow you to steam different food types without mixing flavours. The Steam Zone has also been designed to allow the use of bamboo baskets, perfect for steaming Asian dishes such as dumplings.

  • Conventional steamers use an element submerged in water to generate steam. This can be slow as it needs to heat the whole tank of water before steam starts to be produced. The steam also loses efficiency as it moves up through the basket layers. The Steam Zone utilises a patented steam generating system which is capable of producing high quality steam in less than 30 seconds. The cooking effect of the steam is maximised by configuring the baskets in a single layer close to the steam outlets.

  • Conventional steamers provide one level of steam for all tasks. However root vegetables can withstand more intense steaming than delicate fish or custards. The Steam Zone has variable steam levels meaning you can select a high steam level when cooking potatoes or a low steam level when cooking a fillet of salmon. Once cooking is finished the steamer has selectable Keep Warm which will hold your food at a safe temperature without overcooking.

  • Conventional steamers use a stacked design which means either all elements of a meal need to be cooked together or you have to juggle the hot baskets to cook foods requiring different times. The Steam Zone has a synchronised finish function which allows you to select different times and steam levels between the two baskets, the steamer will then start the item requiring the longest cook time first and then automatically have the whole meal finish at the same time.

    Water contains dissolved minerals which can form on hot surfaces during operation, this can cause a decrease in performance and potential failure of the product. The Steam Zone has a special descale program which allows you to input your water hardness and the unit will then notify you when it is time to perform a descale cleaning cycle. The system has been optimised and tested to allow the use of readily available white vinegar to perform a descale cleaning cycle.