Breville – The Smart Oven® Air

  • 2017

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    Domestic Appliances

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Breville Group

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The Smart Oven® Air is the new flagship in Breville’s counter-top oven range.

Achieving industry leading cooking performance with increased temperature range, PID controlled temperature precision and a powerful dual speed fan enables cooking functions like air frying, dehydrating and proofing.

The versatile cooking chamber is optimized for your preferred cookware.

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  • Element IQ® is achieved by independent quartz heating elements that move power above and below the food to where it's needed most. Each of the heating zones adjusts according to the setting you choose, delivering precise, stable cooking temperatures and direct radiant energy for whatever food you're cooking.

  • Moving air speeds up the rate of heat transference in an oven. When food is cooking, moisture evaporates from the surface; this causes an evaporative cooling effect which slows down the cooking process. Hot and fast moving air dissipates this boundary layer of cool air for quicker and more even cooking. The Smart Oven® Air utilizes a powerful dual speed convection motor enabling more cooking control. You have the option for 1500RPM Regular Convection and 3000RPM Super Convection, which is double the industry standard. The patent pending super convection system optimizes air distribution moving a greater volume of faster air ensuring quick and even roasting, air frying and rapid dehydrating.

  • Featuring a comparable cooking capacity to a wall oven with 1ft³ of usable space, it's 30% larger than competitors and optimized to get the most cooking benefit from standard cookware. You can roast a 14lb turkey, bake using a 12 cup muffin tray, toast 9 slices of bread and it easily accepts a 5qt. Dutch oven or 9”x13" pan. Reversible racks allow 8 cooking positions to suit whatever you're cooking, plus it has the capacity for 4 dehydrate racks. It includes a rotate reminder function for multi rack cooking prompting you to switch rack positions for more even results. Included is a 13” non-stick pizza pan, 9”x13” enamel roasting pan with wire broiling rack, airfry basket, removable crumb tray and two wire racks.

  • Conventional ovens deviate up to ±30°C from the set temperature. The Smart Oven® Air utilizes PID temperature control enabling precise and stable temperatures at ±1°C tested accuracy. This means you can cook low and slow to the perfect doneness. The 250°C maximum temperature can be dialed down to a mere 27°C allowing you to dehydrate without damaging the most delicate ingredients. The low temperature precision supports critical heat-sensitive processes like proofing dough and incubating yogurt. Broiling employs four quartz heaters exploiting the maximum 1800W power from a 120V outlet. When baking under super convection, the cooking temperature is automatically adjusted to compensate for the fan speed.

    The Smart Oven® Air features 13 pre-programmed cooking settings. These are: - Toast (up to 9 slices, Fresh/frozen) - Bagel (up to 10 slices, Fresh/frozen) - Broil - Bake - Roast - Warm - Pizza - Proof - Airfry - Reheat - Cookies - Slow Cook - Dehydrate - Phase cook, allowing you to program two cooking phases in sequence

    The Smart Oven® Air features a novel door construction. In addition to its solid and weightless high quality feel it has an easy to clean glass interior surface and magnetic automatic rack eject for Toast and Bagel. Opening the door during cooking pauses timer until the door is closed again and the internal cavity light is activated by a door sensor. The assembly uses a minimal part-count construction that is efficient to manufacture and assemble.

    Using the Phase Cook function enables one to program two back-to-back cooking functions. This feature enables more recipe possibilities for the user. For example, intense high temperatures to brown a roast followed by low and slow baking for a delicate interior.