The Perfect Press – Sandwich Press

  • 2017

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Breville Global Design Team

Commissioned By:

Breville Group

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The ‘Perfect Press’ is a sandwich press that has the defining feature of ‘crush control’. ‘Crush Control’ reduces the weight of the top cooking plate to minimize food being squashed, which is a common problem for sandwich presses.

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  • The typical American comfort food of a toasted cheese sandwich is cooked on the stove in a fry pan. The sandwich is flipped half way through so that both sides are evenly cooked, the insides are warmed through and the sandwich remains the same thickness as when it started. Due to the nature of the materials used in making an electric sandwich press with flat cooking plates, softer food items can easily become squashed and unappealing. The crush control is made up of precisely tuned torsion springs hidden within the hinges. The force of the springs counteract the weight of the top plate so it doesn't crush soft foods. Through this users can achieve panned fried results on a sandwich press in half the time.

  • Most sandwiches presses do not provide a dedicated power switch, or if they do it is often located towards the rear of the product. American power outlets typically do not have switches on them so users are forced to reach over or around a hot product to turn it off. The perfect press provides a power switch located towards the front of the grill without impacting on the overall look of the product. The switch is protected from the heat form the cooking plates by layers of heat reflectors and insulation allowing it to be as close to the user as possible.

  • Cooking foods, especially breads, leaves crumbs on a typical sandwich press. Although crumbs are easy to wipe away, they do get stuck in corners where fingers are just too big to reach them. The cooking plates on the perfect press have no corners and makes wiping every crumb away far easier for the consumer.

  • A sandwich press stored in its operating position takes up a large amount of area when it is not being used. The 'Perfect press' was designed so it can utilize space efficiency and be stored vertically, giving the consumer more storage options. The plate lock feature also doubles as an open melt feature which allows for additional styles and types of food to be cooked.

    Cooking on some sandwich presses give uneven and unfavorable food results. Hot and cold spots on the cooking surfaces give poor cooking results and this is usually a result of the design of both the cooking plate itself and the accompanying heater element. To solve this in the 'perfect press' product the top and bottom cooking plates have different heating elements to individually match their respective designs. On the 'Perfect Press' the top and bottom cooking surfaces have been engineered to provide uniform cooking results to give the user the most even food results possible.