The Pass-A-Ball Project

  • 2017

  • Social Impact

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PARK Social Soccer Co

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The Pass-A-Ball Project is designed to be a social impact conversation catalyst, helping kids and youth understand the imbalance of opportunity amongst their peers and giving them a tangible way of making a difference.

Simultaneously providing brand new soccer balls and the benefits of social soccer to disadvantaged kids and communities.

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  • The Pass-A-Ball Project has been designed with 2 key beneficiaries in mind. What connects them is their love of soccer. Advantaged kids: They regularly want to buy a soccer ball as a gift for their friends. It is at this point that they have real influence over a household purchase. We aim to provide a credible (design, price, quality) option that highlights the imbalance of opportunity amongst kids and starts a positive conversation between kids and parents. Disadvantaged kids and communities: Many kids don't have access to new soccer balls or soccer programs and therefore miss out on the social, mental and physical benefits of playing the game. We aim to help by providing a supply of new balls.

  • Kids understand the simple concept of passing a ball to another kid to achieve a goal, it's what the game is built on. This is why they are instantly understand the concept of Pass-A-Ball, it's a no-brainer. The communities, charities, schools and kids that receive the pass love the direct connection with the donors and the constant supply of new balls. This close connection gives the charities a new way of promoting their impact.

  • The Pass-A-Ball Project is self-sustaining. The margin is built into the retail price to cover the donation of the second ball. It's a simple concept that needs no translation for other cultures and languages, easy to understand and communicate. The retail model and social impact are globally scalable.

  • Soccer has proven itself as a global game that unites diverse cultures and creates hope and opportunity for the worlds most marginalised. At the same time the game has become very commercial, and to some degree has lost it's soul. Observing how disadvantaged communities embrace the game, we were inspired to rethink the role of the humble ball. After all it's the ball that is at the centre of the game. We believe the humble ball, re-thought, can play a significant role in the revitalisation of migrant and disadvantaged communities. And provide a symbolic bridge between the haves and the have nots.

    By re-positioning the soccer ball as a tool for social good amongst kids, The Pass-A-Ball Project is achieving positive results. We are changing the conversation between kids and parents, and highlighting the imbalance of opportunity amongst kids around the world. These changed conversations are shifting attitudes and behaviours. And new behaviours have the power to change outcomes. This is the Pass-A-Ball Project theory of change.