interVOLT DCC PRO – Powering your Adventure

  • 2016

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    Consumer Electronics

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Mike Brand

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In today’s world vehicle back-up power is no longer a luxury, it’s an absolute must.

A dual battery system is your lifeline but if not correctly managed could land you in serious trouble.

The interVOLT DCC Pro not only maintains the battery, but displays the process every step of the way.

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  • The DCC Pro is a stand-alone power conversion device. It uses the host vehicle's factory battery as its primary source of power and converts it into a self-managed supply. This battery is always maintained by the vehicle's charging system when the vehicle is running therefore providing a constant power source. As the factory battery is the only common link between the vehicle and the DCC Pro, the installation has no impact on the vehicle's electrical system. This reduces the risk of warranty related issues associated with traditional charging installations. The DCC Pro can be removed from the vehicle anytime and there would be no evidence it had been installed.

  • Unlike traditional devices, the DCC Pro can be remotely controlled and monitored from the convenience of the driver's seat. The design consists of two main components, the charging device itself and the remote display. The charging device is installed in any convenient place between the factory battery and the auxiliary battery (or batteries). The remote display is mounted on the vehicle dashboard where it can be monitored by the operator. A dedicated cable, independent of the vehicle's electrical system, connects the two. The remote display can also be used for programming the system during installation and for convenience settings such as back lighting brightness.

  • Although the DCC Pro uses the vehicle's factory battery as the primary charging source it can also utilise an external solar source. Being solar enabled it has a dedicated input for connection to any compatible solar panel without the need for a separate regulator. The solar charging function uses special algorithms for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to capitalise on free energy and optimise the charging process. The system also monitors the charging power and conveniently displays the information in Watts to the operator. The remote display is also a great tool to help set up solar panels as the power can be monitored live to achieve the best position.

  • The DCC Pro has the flexibility to adapt to almost any application in any vehicle, old or new, simple or complex with or without a CAN/LIN controlled electrical system. There are two optional modes which control how the charging system operates. These modes are selectable in the initial set-up process when installing the device and control the charging process in different ways. The control modes can always be changed if necessary. This flexibility makes the DCC Pro truly universal, eliminating the need for multiple models. The added bonus of having all the features incorporated in one package is installer/user convenience and less stock holdings for retailers.

    As a stand-alone device the DCC Pro is capable of charging and maintaining different battery types according to their specifi¬c chemistry. This ensures the battery is charged and maintained correctly resulting in greater performance and longer life. The DCC Pro is pre-programmed with charging regimes available for a variety of battery types including standard lead acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM), gelified electrolyte (GEL) and lead calcium. There is also a constant voltage supply setting of 13.2V which can be used as a 'float' only charging source. This is used where the battery under charge is not cycled but used as a support source - perfect for a security system for example.

    Unlike many imported products, particularly those designed for the European market, the DCC Pro is engineered to maintain output under the harshest of environments in the highest ambient temperatures. The system provides full current at 50°C but will continue to supply half power beyond that, right up to 85°C ensuring there is output even under the severest of conditions. The charging device itself is sealed to IP67 standards, effectively dust and waterproof and is designed to be mounted under the bonnet. As a result, the DCC Pro can handle temporary submersion, a comforting feature for serious off-roaders who like to get their rubber wet!