Inspiration of The East and The West International Art Exhibition

  • 2022

  • Communication

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Inspiration of The East and The West International Art Exhibition 2021 showcased the unique artistic expression language of Renato Tagli, a well-known Swiss artist and designer.

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  • Under the guidance of a certain world view, the artist analyzes, polishes, and refines the bits and pieces of life through certain or specific creative techniques to shape artistic products. Artistic creation uses the objective background and subjective psychological activities as the material, and uses the artist's unique visual language to re-establish another expression. The context of each artist's creation is different, and one of the differences is the appearance of the work. The objective world is shredded and rearranged and combined through individual language, just like viewing ordinary scenes through a kaleidoscope.

  • His creation uses the environment and culture in which he lives as direct materials to re-establish the relationship between the natural environment, people, and art. In his works, time is his best guide, not a terrible enemy. His surname is "Tagli", which means "cutting" in Italian, as if it has given him the ability to cut the objective world. He combines color theory with the creative concept of "non-self", creating rich fiber art works and full.

  • "Living in the present" is the artist's attitude towards life and his creative philosophy. His double-sided fiber art works usually show both the front and the back at the same time. The front is the result of his active creation and can be controlled, while the back is the unknown world. Do not deliberately create, do not deliberately think, do not deliberately modify, everything is determined by time and heart.

  • The "thousands of worlds" of art, the "thousands of circumstances" of art, and the "thousands of thoughts" of art are guided by time all the time, and are always waiting for the birth and growth of the next work.