Eternal power and fresh water production plant

  • 2016

  • Social Impact

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My entry is a straight forward solar thermal generation system that is straight forward, simple to produce, infinitely scalable and produces electricity and water or compressed air and a lot of water, to drive turbines at power stations.

  • The solar thermal harvesting system, heats a working fluid in a heat exchanger from about 35*C, transforming it to a pressurised gas at about 80*C, producing a gauge pressure of about 200Kpa (30PSI) (same as car tyre pressure). The sheer volume of pressurised gas produced, converts to working an engine, which can then drive a generator, and the cooling of the working gas then drives an evaporator turning salt water into fresh water. The engine can drive a generator or a compressor, the net effect of the compressor, is the heat recovery, that will increase the energy input into the evaporator, and when the plants are scaled by number, the compressed air drives commercial power turbines instead of coal.