The downlight in a bag

  • 2015

  • Communication

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M-Elec Superior Lighting

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The challenge was to create a recognisable branding and packaging solution in the competitive LED downlight market, where differentiating between products is difficult as they are all packaged in similar cardboard boxes with multi-colour printing. The MR10 LED Downlight is the first product in the new “Mates Rates” range and the first downlight to be packaged in a brown paper bag. M-Elec has implemented an innovative, ECO friendly craft paper bag with simple black printed graphics to house the product and combined this with a transport carton which transforms into a POS display. This creates the point of difference for the MR10 in the market whilst enforcing an element of consideration for the environment.

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  • Simplicity in styling and recognition of branding were the considerations in the design of the 'downlight in a bag'. The visual difference of the MR10 packaging attracts interest from the buying community and evokes a connection with the low fuss, lower cost product enclosed. Easy to read details and product specifications qualify the quality and branding of the MR10 and an easily recognisable coloured tag depicting the light output colour of the fitting leaves no uncertainty to the buyer.

  • 75% less packaging. The innovative packaging of the MR10 delivers performance and function. Each downlight fits neatly into its protective brown paper bag without the need for extra supports and the 'carton buy' products are transported to the store in a similarly branded ECO friendly cardboard box. The carton has been designed to be converted into a POS display unit, housing and advertising the products and can be packed flat after use. The cut-out at the top of the bag also allows for hanging display of the products when counter space is limited. Once the downlight is installed the electrician is encouraged by the tag-line “Mate, clean up after yourself-use the bag!” to clean up their waste and then recycle.

  • The challenge of good design is originality, making the product stand out from the majority in a competitive market. The new M-Elec 'MATES RATES' TM product range required a branding and packaging concept unlike any other as it is a product unlike any other. The 'downlight in a bag' concept is new, original and innovative, a world first. Reinventing the 'norm”, the expected packaging style and creating a new concept with enough visual difference to gain the interest and acceptance of the purchaser, whilst maintaining the integrity of the M-Elec brand has resulted in a campaign which is exceeding expectations.

  • The motto of M-Elec Superior Lighting is originality in Design, reliability in Function and Trust in a product that delivers results. The 'Mates Rates' TM product range and the accompanying packaging and promotion is no exception. Considerable testing was undertaken to assure that all components of the packaging complied with strict company policy. From the quality of the 'brown paper' to the functionality of the 'bag', the design of the logo to the print style legibility, the quick reference icons displayed prominently on the front and the detailed description and product pictures on the back, every aspect was analysed for the best results.

    The name M-Elec Superior Lighting is synonymous in the lighting industry for quality product at mid-range prices, so as with any new venture the introduction of a lower priced 'Mates Rates' product was one which needed dramatic promotion and packaging. The 'downlight in a bag' is proving to be such a campaign. The brown paper bag concept reflects the simplicity of the product and the expectation of a lower price, but attention to detail and styling remains. The purchaser can clearly see what is in 'the bag' and what the MR10 can do. The product has been extremely well received and is being described not as the MR10 but as 'the light in a bag'. What better recognition of a successful packaging could be expected!