The Cutting Edge Pharmacy

  • 2018

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

Designed By:

  • Tetsuya Matsumoto
  • Matsuya Art Works
  • KTX archiLAB

Commissioned By:

Eri Matsuura

Himeji Daiichi Hospital

Designed In:


The Cutting Edge Pharmacy is a dispensing pharmacy related to the neighboring Daiichi General Hospital in Himeji City, Japan. This new building was designed to promote the image of the hospital by introducing a high-tech sharp image in accordance with an advanced medical technology.

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  • Daiichi Hospital is in a shifting process to renew its image and improve its service to the very high standards. Offering a neighboring dispensing pharmacy was one of the key shifts and an excellent opportunity to give passing by people a glimpse of this renewal, especially that it is located at the side of one of the major and busiest roads in the region. The challenge was then to design a pharmacy building, small in size, small in budget, that is capable of producing an impressive effect and be functional at the same time.

  • This design uses pure white minimalistic space with sharp surfaces and edges to produce the high-tech effect on the users of the pharmacy. This goes along with a high quality services whilst remaining simple and intuitive. The patient is received at the reception counter and submits his prescription. The pharmacist then prepares the prescription in the backyard while the client is sitting comfortably in the waiting space furnished with tables and chairs. When the preparation is done, the pharmacist joins the patient in his table to provide the medicines and the explanation required to each of them.

  • This pharmacy gives a brand new image of a hospital that is in the edge of the newest medical methods and works like an advertisement by its unique design. The advanced design of this project opens new doors to the concept of a pharmacy. The general expectations and services provided by these institutions are reaching higher level and becoming more and more demanding. The future of medical service lays on the simplicity and the efficiency of its functioning conjugated with the high-tech technology used in the whole healing process.

  • The pharmacy is situated along one of the most important streets in the region. The facade is totally glazed and contoured by protracted sharp edges. The edges are also projected into the minimalist white interior demarcated by a black cross. The vertical line of the cross is the gate towards the backyard where the prescriptions are prepared. The horizontal line is a console for exhibiting key products. The entrance is on the left side of the building in the direction of the hospital liberating the glazed facade from unnecessary additional lines. This minimalistic space designed in clean straight lines and enhanced with indirect lighting slits creates the High-Tech sharp image that the patient expects from an advanced medical care.