The Breville Boss To Go Blender

  • 2016

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Khon Thai - Senior Industrial Designer
  • Ray Corkin - Supplier, Technical Director
  • Sebastian Tiburzio - Engineer
  • Richard Hoare - Design & Innovation Director
  • Lochana Subasekara - Engineering Manager FP

Commissioned By:

Breville Group

Designed In:


The personal blender market is full of poorly considered products with blending vessels that are not designed for drinking. Often the cup rims are threaded for the blade assembly to attach but does not provide a smooth drinking experience when placed on the lips.
These cups are too large for hand grip & are made worse by tabs or ribs that stick out to engage the blender.
The Boss To Go cups are designed with smooth lip for drinking & no tabs or ribs to engage the blender base. The result is a functional drink cup with traditional glassware aesthetic, optimised for blending performance & ergonomics.
Smoothest smoothies results from 1000W motor power & the Kinetix blade & bowl design, producing finer particle

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  • Other personal blenders don't consider how users drink from the cups, hence all of them expose the users lips to external threads, unlike the Boss To Go cups which are smooth to the lip. Further other personal blenders have exposed tabs or ribs to interact with the base which can dig into the hand if not handled correctly. The Boss To Go cups are smooth all around. Cups from other blenders are also unwieldy in the hand due to large diameters which in part is due to loading on the motor but does nothing for the user. The Boss To Go cup are a balance of ergonomics and blending performance. The visual aesthetic is to achieve something a user is accustomed to drinking from & pleasing to touch & hold.

  • The Boss To Go, enables users to get a Green Smoothie fix more readily by providing individual cups of 500 & 700mls with travel lids that blend directly on the power base. To get great blends we combine the Kinetix blade & bowl system to a powerful motor base to break down difficult ingredients found in green smoothies like Kale, wheat grasses & blueberries into smooth smoothies. Which not only makes the taste improve but can also aid nutrient absorption quicker.

  • The Boss To Go was designed with premium finish in mind, the die cast power base sits proud on any kitchen counter with high impact Tritan cups. Housed within the body sits a powerful 1000 watt motor that drive the blade system. Which is coupled via stainless steel drive couplings which a far more durable than the competitors. On the bottom of the unit is an on board cord storage, so the user doesn't need to do the tangled & messy power cord fight when they want to store the appliance. cord when storing the unit.