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Tekpeg® is a new inventive step in laundry peg design offering a smarter, easier and more sustainable way of hanging your laundry. They are designed and made in Melbourne, Australia and to say G’day we’re proudly boasting the green and gold colours.

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Image: Green Background Credit: https://www.vecteezy.com/free-vector/green-background?license-free=true
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  • To showcase a new and patented Radial Torsion Spring Hub that is cleverly integrated into the product and generates lasting tension for holding up laundry. To achieve an improved user experience for elderly who may struggle with limited dexterity by aiming to improve the clipping function of the popular hang tab feature for hanging stringed items, coat hangers and shoes. To captivate a new market of tech-savvy consumers besides women to try ‘tekpeg’ and demonstrate sustainability by hanging your laundry out in the sun rather than using power-hungry dryers.

  • Tekpeg's patented spring mechanism has passed tensile endurance testing to last up to 3 years out in the sun. It's clever two-piece design is effortlessly assembled together by hand removing the need for automation. Tekpeg® features popular Hang Tabs for over-clipping stringed items but smaller, easier to use and less obtrusive than existing pegs with hooks. Tekpeg® is made with up to 50% recycled plastic and uses a UV-resistant engineering polymer to outperform and outlast other cheap imports. Its two piece design allows for creative colour combinations that can be effortlessly assembled together post-purchase for exciting personalization possibilities.

  • Tekpeg® will positively impact user experience with hanging laundry for young and elderly alike in general use from gripping, to squeezing and handling of the peg, as well as over-clipping stringed items via the Hang Tabs. The striking Tekpeg® aesthetics offer a competitive edge through increased shelf appeal, packaged sustainably in a kraft-carboard box. Tekpeg® intends to shake-up an otherwise ordinary laundry product category. Positive impact on sustainability though improved design thinking, holistically across manufacturing and assembly processes. Consideration for using up to 50% recycled materials, and an effortless assembly method cutting out the need for energy-hungry automation machinery.

  • Other key features include: - A wider mouth than metal pegs with a 35 degree open angle to hold thick towels and clamp down with ease. - Unlike other plastic pegs using living hinges in the form of a H-Profile which tend to micro-tear the 'hinge' with every use and fail prematurely, Tekpeg® has been engineered to uniformly distribute tensile load across four fins that flex safely within their modulus of elasticity never reaching plastic deformation but flexing back to their relaxed state. - Tekpeg® features a hole through the centre for feeding string through and using pegs for art and craft purposes, or to seal food satchels. - The static, non-flex half of the peg can be made with recycled plastic that is re-used from reject and waste material generated during processing thus capturing value and reusing the same scrap material to manufacture the product. - Its 20pk packaging box is sustainably made from Kraft carboard with minimal ink die for easy and quality recycling.