Braemar SuperStealth®

  • 2016

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Commissioned By:

Frank Seeley AM

Designed In:


The Braemar SuperStealth is the world’s first high performance, inverter motor, axial fan, evaporative air-conditioner. Innovations include the inverter motor, SuperStealth fan and MagIQtouch controller. It’s a super quiet, cost effective cooling solution.

Key benefits are cost savings of $346 per year compared to ducted reverse cycle and significant noise reduction.

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  • This highly efficient fan motor is a single phase inverter motor, with die-cast fully enclosed aluminium frame. Inclusion of this motor makes this product the first of its kind in the world. this is the first product in Seeley's Braemar range that includes the inverter motor.

  • Improved blade design, with forward swept curved blades to increase efficiency and decrease noise. The fan is a multi-blade assembly constructed of glass reinforced polypropylene. The blades are aerofoil shaped making this the quietest product in the Braemar range. All made in house at Seeley International's Lonsdale, SA factory.

  • Specifically designed to mount the motor and fan and ensures minimum disturbance of air stream, hence super quiet operation. The motor and fan assembly are supported on an injection moulded, glass reinforced ABS venturi ring, via a glass reinforced polypropylene motor mount. All made in house at Seeley International's Lonsdale, SA factory.

  • The Braemar SuperStealth is powered by the intuitive MagIQtouch touch-screen controller. It features a 'smart' touch screen, similar in size to an iPhone. The practice of reaching out and touching icons on a screen comes intuitively even to those without computer skills. The self-explanatory symbols lead to an easy-to-understand menu. Touch screen technology has allowed us to present the customer with a much cleaner and more intuitive interface. Features and modes are displayed and accessed in a much more transparent way.