TEAR Australia

  • 2019

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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  • Evolution 7

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Tear Australia

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Tear Australia is a Christian development, relief and advocacy organisation responding to global poverty and injustice in communities around the world. With an existing digital presence that was fragmented and noisy, they needed a digital home that could turn website visitors into advocates and donors.

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  • TEAR’s existing digital footprint was fragmented and lacked clear information architecture. Three unique sites (official home, campaign microsite and Useful Gifts store) contained vast amounts of content, much of it hidden beneath layers of impenetrable clicks. The new site had to tell the stories of TEAR, and it’s on-the-ground partners to engage new users, yet also support their existing tribe of advocates with easy to access resources. As an NFP, the solution would have to encourage and facilitate donations. Furthermore, it needed to work seamlessly with their CRM, Salesforce.

  • We designed and developed a responsive website that inspires education and encourages donation. UX design helped us transform content overload into a cleaner interface that emphasises stories, campaigns and donations with a positive ambience. We retired obsolete sites and created visual links to the Useful Gifts store (full integration was out of scope). Calls-to-action (CTA) are clear, users can easily select donation options, while Salesforce facilitates seamlessly in the backend. Navigation tests were performed with existing and new users, uncovering critical content blockers. Further insights improved naming structures for user-friendly navigation.

  • We’ve created a digital home for TEAR’s loyal tribe of supporters with resources, event information and educational content. Our emphasis on storytelling has increased engagement with existing and new users. It’s easy to navigate through projects and ultimately donate - encouraging action with multiple pathways and CTAs. We’ve increased awareness of TEAR’s Useful Gifts site - where people can purchase one-off gifts to help global communities. And TEAR can now update the homepage to drive traffic to urgent relief campaigns. An increase in online performance suggests deepening engagement: +20% time on site -24% bounce rate +9.3% site traffic

  • TEAR can only make a difference if people feel moved – and trusting – to donate. To put digital storytelling at the forefront, we incorporated visual pages that bring long-form content to life with images, video, statistics, heartfelt testimonials and other elements made available within the CMS. TEAR can add call-to-action (CTA) blocks to any piece of content. We leveraged TEAR’s library of high-impact imagery to evoke emotion from users and create engagement. Bold blocks and colour contrasts enhance statistics throughout the site. For instance, the number of countries and communities touched by TEAR and how the organisation handles its administration and fundraising costs - currently with a highly efficient 88% of donations going directly to projects on the ground. This adds instant assurance, further encouraging support and donations from users. Knowing that our different audience groups have different financial situations, we created a simple donation element that allows users to select their preferred amounts and choose if they wish to do a one-off or recurring payment. Once they click ‘donate’, a simple form collects the required data from the user – feeding into Salesforce – in a smooth, distraction-free transaction.