Teamwork Acoustic Pendant

  • 2019

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • ISM Objects Design Team
  • Simon Christopher
  • Celina Clarke
  • Alana Dang
  • Thomas Shelley

Commissioned By:

ISM Objects

Designed In:


Teamwork Acoustic Pendant is inspired by the latest research into workplace wellbeing. It’s designed to improve productivity, creativity and wellness in the workplace by utilising state of the art LED lighting technology combined with excellent sound absorbing acoustic materials. The result is a well-considered form designed to exceed consumer expectations.

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  • Gone are the days when offices were typically cubicles, surrounded by white walls lit by harsh fluorescents. Thanks to corporate giants like Google and Pixar that have demonstrated tremendous success despite their unconventional workplaces, more people are embracing the idea that creative work environments help stimulate minds and inspire innovation. The challenge was to consider both human values and needs alongside the technical and mechanical constraints of the future office environment. With a focus on human centred design, we developed a lighting product that also humanised the workplace by reducing extraneous background noise whilst creating privacy in a shared space.

  • Saving energy, controlling output, and creating ambience are important design factors in any lighting product. Research shows that by enhancing comfort and personalising a workspace there are benefits for both business productivity and health. Optimizing lighting management & integrating with other digital systems is also becoming crucial. The successful solution was achieved by creating a luminaire that can be individuated with digital options and decorative features. Offering a wide choice of light colour temperatures, lumen output and dimming protocols internally plus custom surface finishes and colours externally the design can adapt to suit your unique application.

  • Many studies show that the quality of lighting and noise levels have a huge impact on the quality of our brain function and productivity. Wellness at work is now regarded as a very important health and safety consideration for all employers. Quality lighting and noise reduction provides a measured lowering of stress hormones within the workplace. By providing the resources to collaborate without the associated noise, an employee’s connection to their job and their team enhances and thus improves their overall mental health. This interaction helps drive the innovation companies need to remain competitive in the knowledge economy.

  • Teamwork's simple form is constructed from aluminium which provides a sturdy and durable shell, easily surface finished and fully recyclable at end of life. The low profile is an intentional design feature to highlight the slimline form achievable with the latest LED panels. The inner core consists of a highly absorbent acoustic compound which helps to reduce the reverberation of sound using the cavity of the fitting. A decorative fabric panel, with no visible fixings covers the acoustic compound. The fabric panel is removable for cleaning or replacement and available in a standard choice of 22 contemporary colours or custom fabrics by request. An opal diffuser provides enhanced light transmission and uniform illumination. The LED light source is available in a choice of 2 panels in either standard output or high output, 3000K or 4000K with phase or Dali dimming control. Colour rendering CRI80. Height adjustable stainless steel suspension and ceiling canopy is provided. IES & Revit files are available upon request. The Teamwork pendant combines independently controlled LED lighting modules for direct (downwards) or the option of direct and indirect (upwards & downwards) illumination together with sound absorbing material perfect for working and meeting zones that want to reduce ambient noise.