TC8000 Touch Computer

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Zebra Technologies

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The TC8000 is a rugged handheld mobile computer with an innovative design that has proven to increase productivity and reduce usage fatigue for workers in intensive bar code scanning operations. TC8000 is used in a range of warehouse applications where it is critical that tracking and accounting packages is performed accurately.

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  • Compared to the traditional "brick on a stick" mobile computer, the TC8000 is a complete re-thinking of the product category and features a large 4.0" user facing display. The new viewing angle eliminates the constant tilting needed to verify each scan or task. The TC8000 has been independently verified to reduce muscle fatigue by 15%, wrist motion by 55%, and boost productivity by 14%. This means workers can get more work done with less physical effort, translating to one hour saved per worker per shift. Furthermore, the interface has been transformed from older "green screens" to a glove-friendly "all-touch" interface - eliminating the need for a bulky keypad and making the device smaller and 33% lighter.

  • The TC8000 was designed to survive drops up to 8 feet to concrete, tumbles, shocks, spills, dust and more. It features a metal reinforced handle frame and touch panel bezel for maximum strength and durability. The on-board "hot-swap" feature also gives users up to 30 seconds to swap batteries during which WIFI and TELNET connections are uninterrupted - eliminating the need to re-login. The combination of the 6700mAh "Triple-Shift" battery pack, hot-swap feature, and extreme durability helps to reduce downtime and boost productivity.

  • The TC8000 is the first rugged handheld mobile computer to feature hands-free presentation scanning mode. When operating in a voice directed picking mode, users can take advantage of the automatic scanning function. Placing the TC8000 in an optional desk mount, cart mount, or hip-holster, automatically switches the TC8000 to auto-scan mode, letting the user simply wave items in front of the scanner without needing to hold the device - especially helpful for scanning smaller items. When the device is removed from the mount it switches back to normal. The TC8000's versatility can meet different needs within large-scale warehousing, seamlessly switching between different modes using the hands-free accessories.

  • In the past it was not possible to share one housing across different engines because of the form factor -- legacy devices required additional housing SKU's for each engine. The TC8000 however is designed to accommodate a range of both laser and imager based scan engines for short, medium, and long-range scanning applications. The TC8000 also features a rubberized bezel that is modular and can be configured with different technologies such as enhanced condensation resistance and RFID.

    The TC8000 features an all-touch interface with an on-screen keypad that can be customized and made contextual based on the task. A contextual experience means that only the keys that are needed will be presented to the user, simplifying data entry and reducing the chance for error. The TC8000 also incorporates a secondary trigger (below the main scan trigger) which can be programmed for various functions like Push-to-Talk. In all, there are three programmable hard keys as well as one programmable soft key on the touch panel, enabling customers to customize for their unique use cases.