Tasman Pendant

  • 2022

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

Ben Wahrlich

Designed In:

New Zealand

Tasman is a family of modular, lineal LED pendants created from a custom extrusion and machined connectors. The components simply connect together to express a gentle waving form.

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  • The design for Tasman started as a simple line sketch of three waves. We needed to create a novel system of daisy chained components that simply connect together. We needed this product to be modular for ease of shipping and we wanted to use a minimal amount of individual components, yet offer several size options out of the box. As the components are modular we also needed to create a new type of electrical design where a single power supply located at one end would be able to run power to each of the curves, seamlessly.

  • We created a minimal profile aluminium extrusion to integrate an LED strip, diffuser and novel electrical terminals at each end. The extruded aluminium is then rolled in a die to create the curved form. A 5x Axis CNC machine was engaged to create the mid and end connectors from solid aluminium. Both the curves and connectors house a clever electrical terminal at each end that enables these components to connect together both structurally and electrically, via a single screw. To compliment the design we created a new 2.4mm power cord that is indistinguishable to the suspension cables.

  • Tasman is a novel design and subtly defiant towards the traditional straight lineal pendants currently available. It compliments an industry shift towards primitive shapes within interior design. Furthermore the design is modular which lends itself to several iterations using the same components.

  • From an environmental perspective we estimate the product to be 94% recyclable at end of use and our packaging is 100% plastic free.