• 2020

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  • 4design

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Swimplex Aquatics

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Swimming has seen many technological advances in recent years but a key component of the race has remained untouched in decades. The SX50 is the first full carbon fibre platform built with performance at its core, featuring a secure track start system, an ergonomic handle and a custom rubber deck.

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  • It was time to bring the tired swimming platform into the 21st century. Swimming blocks are often made out of stainless steel and haven't been re-engineered for years. The challenge was to improve its usability and attractiveness for athletes while finding a manufacturing solution that balanced cost effectiveness with the demands of poolside use and competition sports.

  • Driven by feedback from users and pool managers across Australia, the SX50 is three years in the making. The state-of-the-art diving platform is built from the latest carbon fibre technology. Designed to meet FINA standards, the new carbon fibre platform improves the rigidity and stiffness of the design. A custom designed adjustable rear-foot sliding and locking system allows athletes to use different starting positions to increase diving performance. It’s sleek, modern form brings it into line with the world-class performance of athletes. New manufacturing techniques have built strength into the structure making it able withstand chlorinated water and the sun.

  • The SX50 brings the latest materials and manufacturing together with a sleek and minimalist design. Athletes now have access to a high-tech product built for performance and endurance. The SX50 modernises the Swimplex range and builds on the quality innovation and engineering that can be found in Australia. Building on years of experience and customer feedback, the SX50 re-defines the swimming block, how it’s used and manufactured. The material selection increases it’s durability making it a long lasting option for pool operators and less impact on the environment.

  • ● A sleek structure combined with extreme performance capabilities. ● Lightweight and robust structure built from carbon fibre ● Overmoulded rubber grippy top plate with custom designed dimples for added grip yet increased durability. ● Innovative smooth and secure rear foot track start locking system ● One piece carbon fibre base platform for increased rigidity and stiffness when sprinting off the platform. ● The platform is designed with reduced weight for transportation of the platform. ● A lower cost fiberglass alternative is also available. ● An integrated ergonomically designed backstroke handle is designed for maximised stiffness. The handle also includes a textured detail around the handle for improved grip for swimmers (previously not possible on mirrored stainless steel handles) ● Hinged hatch to allow for the inclusion of other accessories such as speakers and timing sensors ● Low reflectivity of the carbon fibre makes it less reflective in the pool environment ● UV resistant materials and finishes for long term durability ● High contrast numbers are articulated towards spectators ● Easy to install with a four bolt system