• 2020

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The SureVis scanner is an accurate, affordable, fast, autonomous and convenient thermal imaging device designed specifically to detect elevated human facial temperature as a potential indicator of fever. It leverages Patent Pending technology to achieve the highest quality and accuracy at a low cost.

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  • A key challenge of COVID-19 is how businesses, schools, airports and others continue to operate whilst maintaining the health and safety of staff, students, visitors. Non-invasive body temperature screening provides an obvious solution for high traffic areas. However, current accurate solutions can be prohibitively expensive, restricting scalable use by many organisations. Low-cost alternatives are either designed for industrial applications and lack the necessary accuracy to scan human facial temperature, or are handheld which can be slow and risk cross-contamination. The challenge was designing a highly accurate, affordable, convenient scanner that can be used broadly.

  • The design provides a temperature sensitivity of +/- 0.05degC, and accuracy of +/- 0.3 degC, comparable to the most accurate devices currently available. It's fast measurement time (less than 200ms) allows continuous screening of moving individuals in high traffic areas such as airports, offices, supermarkets etc. It operates automatically, removing the need of a handheld operator, reducing cross contamination risk. Critically, by leveraging proprietary technology and design it has allowed us to bring the product to market more than 50% cheaper than other comparable solutions. This allows the technology to be widely used and adopted to help keep places and people safe.

  • The impact of the design is significant, particularly from a health and commercial perspective. In a post COVID-19 world, there will be increased focus on reducing the rapid spread of disease whilst enabling economies to continue to operate. Our ability to design a highly accurate and low cost temperature scannerwill ensure that venues, businesses and schools can continue to operate, whilst ensuring that anyone that is unwell with a disease where fever is a symptom is not entering their premises.

  • The device has been designed in a way that allows for placement and use in all high-traffic areas, and in a range of mounting configurations. It's small size, smooth, easily-cleanable finish, and simple to use design accommodates all targeted user groups and applications, with simplicity and intuitiveness of customer experience front of mind. The IoT potential of the device allows for future learnings from data to be incorporated into improved customer experience and improved community safety at each installed location.