Fliteboard ULTRA

  • 2021

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Commissioned By:

David Trewern

Designed In:


Fliteboard is an electric hydrofoil that gives the sensation of flying over water. ULTRA is the evolution of the iconic Fliteboard eFoil, custom designed in Australia for extreme performance for advanced riders.

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  • The brief was to further refine Fliteboard to improve the general UX, reliability and manufacturability, whilst delivering a new elite level performance board enabling advanced riders to progress as the sport continues to grow. ULTRA's unique design needed to allow riders to attempt previously impossible moves, such as landing backflips or extreme wave jumps, whilst remaining connected to the board. This required a smaller, lighter and more responsive eFoil, without compromising the deeply considered design, hardware, electronics and software Fliteboard is renowned for. Ultra specifically needed to set a new global benchmark for useability and performance.

  • Every detail of ULTRA is custom designed to achieve maximum performance. At just 4"2', ULTRA's reduced swing weight, chined rails and refined hydrodynamic fuselage are game changers. Add in adjustable, factory fitted footstraps and you have a board that delivers expert riders improved performance and responsiveness. Re-designed eFoil electronics enable direct, wireless communication between the handset controller and the eFoil. The subsequent removal of the external receiver and data cabling created a simpler UX, improved production outputs and addressed reliability issues. Revolutionary new wings allow advanced riders to achieve maximum speed, turns, wave riding, jumps and more.

  • From the outset, Fliteboard's aim was to create the world's best eFoil. This singular focus has taken the company from a start-up with a vision to a global leader, pushing boundaries for electric hydrofoils. Our investment in simplification, safety and performance has been met with outstanding feedback. ULTRA boards have been in high demand with advanced riders. A talented and passionate Fliteboard team has been built to deliver strong after sales support to a growing, global customer base. Fliteboard is emission free, wake free and virtually silent helping accelerate the shift towards more environmentally friendly powered marine craft.

  • Every detail of Fliteboard has been deeply considered. The team's UX driven development integrates cutting edge technology, engineering excellence and the highest levels of production quality. The eye-catching board is designed specifically for eFoiling with its shape, materials and internal volume all optimised. The world's first unibody electric hydrofoil fuselage has been upgraded with more streamlined hydrodynamics to deliver greater efficiency and effortless propulsion. Sophisticated engineering produced world's smallest eFoil motor to minimise drag. It's the only efoil that incorporates a gear box, enabling more torque, more power with less output from the battery whilst producing speeds of up to 55 kmph. ULTRA includes a number of advanced features such as a patented True Glide propeller enabling the rider to ride waves without the use of the motor, adjustable footstraps, leash plug, Smartphone App, lightbar status communication, a range of performance wings and improved battery safety. Software improvements improve battery consumption, enabling longer rides. A limp home mode and battery level warning alerts ensure riders return home with ample power All electronics have been removed from the board and replaced with smart Bluetooth receiver located in the patented plug and play Flitebox, reducing the need for maintenance and servicing.