Suprema Retractable Mixer

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Shinda International Pty Ltd

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Suprema’s retractable mixer taps offer pull-out functionality, without the unsightly hose and counterweight. The extended hose and nozzle automatically retracts smoothly back into place when the mixer is turned off. Suprema’s retractable mixers are also able to deliver water faster than the traditional pull out mixer design.

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  • The challenge was to design a mixer tap with a pull-out functionality that could solve the common problems faced with installing and using one. Installers find it time consuming assembling and installing pull out mixers, this is often a two person job. The pull-out hose and counterweight is suspended in the sink cabinet and requires clearance for the pull-out function to work properly. Users become frustrated because sometimes the pull-out hose becomes stuck, resulting in the pull-out functionality unusable and at times rendering the mixer unrepairable. Under sink storage space is also prime real estate as kitchens become smaller.

  • Designing the pull-out hose to be hidden within and extend from the spout of the mixer, eliminated the need for an exposed hose and counterweight. The absence of a long hose & counterweight, frees up space under the sink cabinet. With less exposed parts an installation can be done under 3 minutes. Additional features flowed on from this new design. It resulted in the pull out hose automatically retracting back into position, a higher water flow rate could be delivered compared to traditional pull out mixers and the mixer would be easy to service and maintain.

  • Suprema retractable mixers, patent pending design, gives consumers what they want from a kitchen mixer tap; further reach to clean the corners of their sink, be able to fill up their pots quickly and clean their vegetables with a gentle spray. Users can reclaim the space under their sink, as without a long hose and weight, an extra shelf can be installed creating more storage space in a generally cluttered area. To address health concerns, Suprema retractable mixers bodies are of lead free stainless steel construction, giving users the assurance that their water quality is not being compromised.

  • Suprema has two ranges of retractable pull-out mixers, the mini and maxi, both bringing efficiencies into the kitchen. The mini retractable models, have a higher flow rate than generally achievable by traditional pull-out mixers as it doesn’t require a double check valve which inhibits water flow, so pots can be filled up faster. The maxi retractable models, reaches further and stays in extended position during use, leaving the user hands free, allowing them to multi task in the kitchen. With the Suprema retractable mixer there is no exposed hose or counterweight under the sink, once the water is turned off the extended hose will automatically retract back to place, there’s no pulling, pushing or tugging, it’s effortless. As the hose does not pass through the mixer body, this design eliminates the issue of water following the hose down into the kitchen cabinetry as found to be the case with traditional pull-out mixers. With less componentry and exposed parts, the likelihood for damage and wear and tear is reduced, reducing demand on resources for repairs, reducing the impact on the environment.