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To keep workers safe and improve decision making for those working in radioactive environments, it is critical to identify and locate sources of radiation quickly and accurately. ANSTO’s novel platform imaging technology, CORIS360®, makes the invisible visible, by identifying and imaging the exact location of radiation sources.

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  • The safe, efficient and cost-effective decommissioning and dismantling of radioactive facilities requires accurate mapping of the radiation environment. The ability to quickly locate and identify sources of gamma radiation reduces uncertainty, enhances operational decisions, protects workers and improves project outcomes. To achieve this the radiation imaging system needed to be: - Capable of identifying the presence and location of a wide range of radionuclides - Able to scan a wide area - Operate in low to moderate radiation environments - Cost effective - Timely, able to assess an environment in a reasonable time - Portable - Operate remotely and outdoors - Simple to use - Easy to interpret

  • CORIS360 uses compressed sensing to create a transformational radiation imaging device. Using only a single detector, surrounded by a series of masks the system can quickly identify and image radiation sources in a 360° field of view. Four optical cameras enable the radiation image to be overlaid on an optical image in a simple graphical user interface. The detector module can be changed by the user to suit the radiation environment. The modular nature of the detector future proofs the technology for when new detector materials become available. CORIS360 is portable and can be operated in remote environments.

  • CORIS360 has proven its value in numerous applications including decommissioning a nuclear reactor. It confirmed the location of known sources of radiation as well as identifying radiation in unexpected locations and was significantly faster and more cost effective than traditional approaches. What would be a six-month assignment was reduced to six weeks and delivered at a fifth the cost. For people working in any radioactive environments CORIS360 delivers new insight with quick and accurate visual identification of radiation. From a safety and environmental perspective, this reduces uncertainty in working with radiation, improves operational decision making and enhances worker safety.

  • Radiation identification: CORIS360 uses a spectroscopic detector linked to a customisable library of radioisotopes that allows the user to quickly identify radionuclides present. The detector operates over the full energy range to maximise the detection of radiation sources and has a 360o field of view, ideal for characterising unknown environments. Radiation visualisation: CORIS360 makes the invisible visible by imaging the precise location of radiation sources and overlaying it on an optical image in a simple graphical user interface. It can identify and image multiple sources of radiation from a single data acquisition Designed with the end user in mind: Plug and play detector modules provide optimised operations for low to high dose rate environments in a future proof design. An intuitive interface guides users and aids interpretation. The compact portable design can be mounted on a robot or tripod, and is well suited for remote operations, in both indoor and outdoor environments. A reporting function to automatically generate a time and date stamped record of instrument settings and findings is inbuilt. . CORIS360 acquires high quality images with up to 10 times fewer samples than traditional methods, delivering significant savings in time, money and resources.