Sunbeam Core Range Packaging

  • 2016

  • Communication

Commissioned By:

Sunbeam Australia

Designed In:


The Sunbeam Core Range Packaging design is applied to a range of more than 100 products across the categories of coffee, beverages, food preparation, cooking, heating & cooling and garment care.

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  • Small appliances are notoriously hard to shop; brands, price-points, functions, 'tech speak' descriptions and the crossover of applications between products create confusion and frustration with the shopper. The Sunbeam Core Range packaging strategy responds to this insight. Fresh, evocative imagery and usage suggestions shift the focus from the product and technical function to personal relevance; occasions, benefits, lifestyles. Vibrant visuals and a relaxed tone-of voice convey the accessible and affordable yet contemporary character of the Sunbeam core range of products, making them equally attractive to the traditional Sunbeam customer as well as a new generation of serious foodies on a budget.

  • A considered layout of all packaging faces creates a flexible framework and ensures that visual appeal is maintained independent of positioning on shelf. The front face features a hero product image complete with usage suggestion evoking the aromas, textures and flavours of the food involved. The creative side panel distinguishes Sunbeam; breathing life and contemporary energy into the brand. Top and back surfaces work as functional panels showcasing product information in appropriate measure using easily-digested icons. And in a final moment of cheeky humour, the base of the packaging requests that its better faces be put forward with the large text, “Stop looking at my Bottom”.

  • The new packaging language has been applied to over 100 new and existing products to increase in-store presence and display impact. Most importantly, it has breathed new life into the existing mature product range. Sunbeam now presents a stylish, modern face, improving the standout at shelf and telling a compelling story.