Ena Karo

  • 2022

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Lazy snail Design
  • Ioanna Drakaki - Head of Design,
  • Eleni Pavlaki - Creative Director,
  • Serafim Stroumpis - Senior Art Director, Carolina Salassa - Art Director and
  • Kostas Kiriakakis - Illustrator

Commissioned By:

Ena Karo

Designed In:


Ena Karo, located in Tinos, Greece, is a small workshop that produces natural soaps and toiletries. Through minimal cycladic aesthetics and illustrations of the products’ raw materials together with lightweight, monomaterial packaging choices, we designed the packaging to match sustainable production and use while standing out on the shelf.

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  • The brief asked for the redesign of the packaging line to honour the brand’s evolution and differentiate it from its previous DIY look. Sustainable packaging solutions and the establishment of a concrete packaging system that allows for future additions, were also necessary. The target audience includes conscious consumers and wholesalers who value natural ingredients and artisanal products. Therefore, we went after a visual balance between the organic natural look of the ingredients and a sense of order through careful arrangement and distinct shapes.

  • We redesigned the brand’s packaging line, adjusting for its conscious mindset, expanding product line and future export plans. Honouring the minimal aesthetics of the Cyclades, we visually balance the organic look of the ingredients with distinct shapes and geometric illustrations that highlight the connection between the finished product and the raw materials. Grainy and textured rendering and lots of white space—a fundamental element of the Cycladic architecture— complete the design.

  • A distinct visual presentation of the natural ingredients as if they are molded into the soap’s shape means to engage the target audience and stress the connection between the finished product and the raw materials. We transformed the brand’s inspiration, the traditional bird houses, a symbol that is often used to represent Tinos Island, into a delicate, abstract design that adds value to the brand. Furthermore, we shifted to more sustainable solutions that face the previous packaging’s deficiencies.

  • •Visually efficient for the consumer with illustrations of the key ingredients •Lightweight, break-proof packaging •Easily reused or recycled •Sustainable and recyclable packaging materials: eco-certified paper boxes and aluminium containers •Foldable boxes and easily removed labels to encourage recycling and reuse •Sufficient protection of the product