Studio Acoustic Guitar Amp and Bluetooth Speaker

  • 2017

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Lloyd Lamberty
  • Evan Jones
  • Nick Kanaris

Commissioned By:

TDJ Australia Pty Ltd

JB Hifi Group Pty Ltd

Designed In:


New technology wrapped in Nostalgia, Studio offers great features and is ideal for acoustic guitars, ukulele’s, vocals and music.

Sing or play along with music streamed through Bluetooth or Aux in.

The ported enclosure, 30 watt speaker and tweeter offer impressive sound, and the EQ control allows for full audio customization.

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  • The intended market is predominantly musicians and artists of all ages; however the added bluetooth functionality combined with the vintage styling open it up to the larger consumer electronics (CE) market. This is strengthen by the nostalgic audio trend that has been sweeping through the CE market. The vintage materials, pin stripes, rounded corners and control panel complete the retro feel and make it obvious it is a guitar amp. We believe this amp successfully bridges the gap between Vintage and modern CE. The tactile twist knobs also make it intuitive to the user that the functional controls of the amp are along the top panel.

  • For the musician, we have also included a dual band equalizer, Reverb effect, master and input volume control, Aux in/out, bluetooth pairing and an equalizer control switch. These functions allow the musician to customize how their music sounds and allows them to listen to the playback via the loudspeaker or headphones. With only 5 different controls, 3 inputs and 2 buttons, this unit is fairly easy to understand and use. We have also clearly labelled all controls and inputs to ease understanding. The handle placement keeps the COG of the unit in line with the users hands. The leather finish of the handle also adds to the vintage feel and provide a comfortable grip, further enhancing its ergonomics.

  • All electronics are sealed within the unit and ventilation is provided on the back to prevent overheating. Information is also provided on the back of the unit to prevent the user from servicing parts or exposing the unit to rain or moisture. The product also complies and exceeds all Australian safety requirements for the EPS. The unit itself complies with all emission standards regulated under the RCM compliance system.

  • Studio has been designed to be easily disassembled into its individual materials and components for recycling except for the electronics. No post-use recycling initiative has been set up. In regards to energy efficiency, we use a class 6 Power supply when only Class 5 is required. The Amplifier is a Digital Class D design. This is the most efficient amplifier design with around 85% efficiency compared to a standard class AB amplifier (Most common) which is between 50 to 60% efficient. Environmental impact has not been considered.

    We sourced the best woofer and tweeter and used acoustic modelling software to optimize the enclosure and port parameters. The pre amplifier has been made with tonal balance adjustments to adjust the acoustic response. The speaker will also sound deep and crisp even if the volume is relatively low. 18mm MDF has been used for the walls of the enclosure to reduce tooling costs and for its superior sound characteristics. Plastic corners were combined with the MDF panels to form a complex & iconic enclosure shape. The control panel has its own housing to prevent air leakage which can distort the sound. The port is tapered at both ends to reduce the velocity of the air at each end. First in an entry -level amp.

    Studio represents seriously good value for money. This is due to the design process we undertook. It has an extremely low retail price of $148AUD. For comparison, the closest competitor with similar features is $50 more expensive, does not include bluetooth and only includes a 20W speaker without tweeter. We are confident that Studio will contribute significantly to Stadium's overall brand value. This entry-level amp is the first in a range of amps to be introduced by Stadium following the same design style. We have also shared the plastic tooling across future models therefore we have no doubt that the investment made on design will be recouped; if not in this initial model, definitely in the future models.

    Studio is one of the first acoustic guitar amps in Australia with added bluetooth functionality, but is not a world first for this feature in amps. However, at its current price point there is nothing that compares in features and value. The enclosure comprised of vinyl wrapped around plastic and MDF has also never been attempted in this product category. This provides added value for its complex form compared to existing amps on the market, which are predominantly square or rectangle in shape.