iCore Smart IoT Street Pole

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Michael Chia

Designed In:


This innovation totally changes traditional thinking of how lighting poles are constructed from hollow tubes. It totally transforms the pole into a multi-functional construct which is sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a change in both form and function, and can meet all the requirements of a smart city deployment.

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  • Traditional lighting poles were never designed to be able to house IoT devices and other modern Smart City devices. This means that equipment are strapped outside the poles, and electrical and data cables run outside the poles. This is both ugly and potentially unsafe. Moreover, drilling and cutting the existing poles to accommodate the additional devices weaken the structural integrity of the poles. Most lighting poles were never designed to bear the weight of additional IoT equipment.

  • Totally re-imagining the construction of a pole, the iCore Smart IoT Street Pole has a central core that supports the pole. Thus, the surrounding cladding creates spaces known as Smart Compartments which will allow IoT Devices and IT equipment to be safely and easily installed. Yet, they are hidden from sight. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provide security and safety as electrical and data wiring is safely installed within the pole itself.

  • While everyone wants a Smarter City, it should not come at the social cost of having ugly streets lined with poles that have equipment and wiring exposed outside. Commercially, suppliers of traditional poles now have a viable upsell and can participate in high value smart city projects by using the iCore. The iCore design allows equipment to be easily installed. More importantly, they can be easily changed, upgraded or maintained. This improves the overall useful life of the pole for better sustainability. Also, most equipment can be housed at street level safely, reducing the need to work at height.

  • As the iCore design has the main support in the centre (core), the claddings which creates the Smart Compartments are no longer load bearing. This opens up many other design possibilities, as these claddings can then be made of other materials, for example, photo-voltaic panels, polymers, etc...