STS Safety English Irons

  • 2017

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The STS English irons are a revolutionary new safety stirrup iron targeted at the Equestrian and Western industry and the Racing industry for early-morning gallops. Its unique design incorporates an extended platform for better foot support and balance, improved foot tread to help prevent foot slipping and frontal formed bars with an outer rubber post.

The English iron is designed on an angle for added riding support, and the centre and outer bar prevents the riders’ foot slipping forward keeping the riders’ feet in the correct balanced position on the ball of the foot. By preventing the riders’ feet slipping forward into the iron and in the event a rider falls, the bar formation and the rubber post prevent the riders boot being hooked up in the iron and dragged, greatly reducing the risk of injury and deaths to the rider.

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  • Design Features: - Extended platform - Exceptional strong foot tread - Outer rubber post and front bar formations - Unique circular recesses to place the 3D embossed Domed Horse Decals to create an aesthetic looking design to encourage purchases Benefits: - Outer flexible rubber post can prevent dragging accidents - Superior strong foot grip stops feet slipping - The centre and outer post support stops forward foot slipping and movement - Unique angled foot support keeps you on the ball of the foot and heels down - Extended platform providing better foot support and balance - Reduces or eliminates pain to hips, knee, leg and foot injuries - Brilliant childrens teaching and safety aid

  • Horse riding and horse racing are a dangerous practice, because you have two species interacting with a higher risk of a fatality than any other sport resulting in many deaths and serious injuries. The riders' feet slipping and in the event of fall a high risk of being hooked up and dragged. There are approximately 300 serious injuries and many dragging incidents each year from 4yr olds to 80yr olds.

  • By incorporating a better foot grip and extended platform for better and much more foot support to prevent the riders' foot slipping forward into the stirrup iron. In addition the bar formations preventing the riders' foot slipping forward and therefore, can prevent the riders' boot being hooked up in the iron and dragged behind the horse.

  • Horse riding is a dangerous practice, with a higher risk of a fatality than any other sport. There have been countless serious injuries each year and dragging deaths. The STS English irons can reduce this by providing a better foot grip, extended platform for best foot support preventing the riders' feet slipping forward, therefore, preventing the riders' boot being hooked up in the iron and dragged behind the horse. There are many documented STS English iron testimonials from leading professional riders stating drastic improvements in support significantly reducing risk of injury to riders. Riders can receive many injuries during their riding career, and they state the extended platform also reduces or eliminates pain to their hips, knees, legs and feet. View these outstanding reports attached also at

    Horse riding and Horse racing are a lucrative industry that demands a product to have a competitive edge to be successful. The unique additional proven benefits to the STS iron design compared to traditional English irons allow the rider to perform better even at Olympic Level. Many of the riders now using the STS irons have noticed a remarkable improvement in their performance and safety. The unique addition of the horse logos creates a beautiful aesthetic look which has encouraged riders to purchase. Further other English irons can cost up to $350.00 whereby the STS English irons sell for a reasonable RRP $159.00.